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Automated quote

For Buyers

  • Quick estimation of the price of IT products
  • Individual calculation taking into account the peculiarities of your company
  • The price calculator is available online at any time and in any place
  • Possibility to send suppliers the link on the ready specification together with inquiry of the offer

For Suppliers

  • Estimating the cost of IT products individually by user parameters
  • Saving the time of sales managers

How to estimate the cost of complex IT products efficiently?

Don’t wait for a quote for an IT product from a supplier - save your time and calculate the costs of IT products and solutions by using the ROI4CIO calculator. Get a budget estimate anytime online and don’t worry about the seller's influence on your decision. Take your time to figure out what values give you the best characteristics of the product of interest and automatically calculates the cost of the IT product for your individual specifications and needs.

The calculator can be used by both IT buyers and sellers on the product page. The price calculator ROI4CIO is an automated interactive survey similar to the script when interviewed by a person, when questions depend on the answers in the previous step. As with an interview with a person, you can find out what the requested parameter or question means.

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VMware vSphere

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