Estimate a cost of IT products and solutions

Automatic calculation of IT products price according to the individual parameters of your company

How to estimate cost of complex IT solutions quickly and easily?

Don’t wait for a cost estimation of IT solution from supplier - save your time and calculate the cost of IT products and solutions using the ROI4CIO calculator. Estimate a budget anytime online and don’t worry about the seller's influence on your decision. You can take your time to figure out what values give you those or other characteristics of the product and automatically calculate a cost of the IT product for your individual parameters you need.

Benefits of the ROI4CIO price calculator:

  • time-saving calculation of IT products/solutions cost;
  • individual calculation taking into account parameters of your company;
  • the price calculator is available online at any time and in any place;
  • you can send a link with configuration and specification to suppliers along with the request for proposal.


The price calculator ROI4CIO is a easy-to-use, user-friendly and effective tool for estimating the cost of IT products/solutions.

1. Select an IT product/solution.

2. Click on a "Calculator" icon, which opens a form with questions.

3. Enter individual parameters. The price calculator ROI4CIO is an automated interactive form, where follow-up questions depend on the answers in the previous step. Hints are available to explain the meaning of each parameter.

4. Get a cost of an IT product/solution and a detailed specification.

5. A detailed specification can be exported to PDF, Excel and sent as URL.

Estimate an IT product cost on ROI4CIO price calculator

Estimate a cost of IT products and solutions