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What is ROI? ROI is a return on investment. It shows the level of profitability or loss-making of the project, considering the amount of investment in it. ROI is the ratio of the amount of profit or loss to the amount of investment.

How do you choose an IT business solution to make a profit or reduce the risks of losses? How to assess the profitability of the project?

ROI calculators are created to calculate ROI online. They calculate financial flows when implementing software, hardware and IT services, taking into account the individual characteristics of each individual company. The calculator as a result of the calculation gives a histogram financial flows and a number of financial indicators, including project payback, ROI, NVP, IRR.


  • Automatic calculation of ROI according to company parameters
  • Forecast of economic benefits before the deployment of IT products

Where to start

The calculation of ROI available to all users for free