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IT-Solutions company completed the design and installation of a structured cabling network that meets the international standard ISO 11801 in the new office and warehouse premises of Sofit-Lux. During installation, MolexPN equipment was used. The vertical network segment is mounted on optical cables and on a cat3 multi-pair telephone cable. The horizontal segment is installed on the basis of UTP 5e in cable channels. Subscriber sockets are built into the box with special structural elements, which makes it easy to maintain them and, if necessary, without significant material costs, add additional jobs. As a result, the customer received a fully functional SCS with the possibility of expansion by 30-50% without significant material costs. The network can support data transfer speeds of 1 Gb/s, which complies with the FastEthernet 1000BaseT standard.

"After the installation of structured cabling was completed, IT-Solutions prepared a package of documents for obtaining a quality certificate from Molex, which will allow us to obtain a system warranty from the manufacturer for 25 years. All work was carried out in a short time", – said the head of the service center of IT-Solutions Alexander Yakushko.
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