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Indeed Stays a Step Ahead of Advanced Threats As a major employment search engine for job listings worldwide, Indeed puts an added focus on having the strongest possible security posture. For Senior Security Engineer Robert Bogart, gaining insight into Indeed’s environment was a top priority. After deploying VMware Carbon Black, Indeed was able to not only get complete visibility but also proactively stop attacks.
Gaining visibility Prior to VMware Carbon Black, Indeed didn’t have clear insight into their corporate infrastructure and the company’s large macOS environment. Without that visibility, they didn’t know exactly what was happening on their endpoints. After evaluating and testing a number of solutions, Bogart chose to deploy both VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard and VMware Black® Hosted EDR.
“I think VMware Carbon Black is a forerunner and they sort of lead the pack,” said Bogart. “We have tested other industry-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) software vendors and we really like the feature set that VMware Carbon Black gives us.”
Prevention and threat hunting
Product capabilities are truly what drove Indeed to purchase VMware Carbon Black. The ability to gain visibility into when processes are starting or stopping, or when network connections are being made gave Bogart and the team the additional context they needed.
“The main benefit we get out of Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard is the peace of mind of knowing that there’s proactive next-generation antivirus,” said Bogart. “We really like that Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard is our first line of defense. For Carbon Black Hosted EDR, we really like the threat hunting capabilities.”
Since deployment, Indeed has been able to achieve a new level of security. While Bogart and the team have put great processes in place, they continue to look for ways to enhance their security posture further, especially with the release of the new VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR™ solution.
“I really found the new Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR product that’s coming out very valuable for us,” said Bogart. “We want to go in and find threats before they become larger problems. Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR is definitely a good piece of news to hear.”
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PeoplesBank Defeats Emerging Attacks with VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Standard PeoplesBank, a premier bank in Holyoke, Massachusetts, prides itself on having a strong security posture. Network Security Engineer Christopher St. Amand is part of the security team that maintains it, utilizing VMware Carbon Black Cloud EndpointTM Standard to transform the way the organization prevents advanced threats.

What did they need
PeoplesBank had done its research and knew that traditional antivirus (AV) was not preventing all types of attacks. St. Amand and team looked for a product that would protect them against zero-day attacks. The team whiteboarded out all the possible companies they could work with and the key features they needed. They also assessed specifically how each solution stopped different types of advanced threats.
After evaluating several different solutions, St. Amand and the team chose Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard for its robust prevention capabilities.
How did it help
St. Amand refers to Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard as his “sleeping pill.” Since using Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard, St. Amand says, “I can sleep well knowing I do not have to worry about what a user is going to do on the internet [or] click on, because it doesn’t really matter... Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard will catch it.”
Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard not only stops attacks, it also empowers the team at PeoplesBank to investigate why the attack happened. This further analysis has allowed the company to shore up its other defenses. For example, enhancing its firewall configurations so these attacks don’t happen again. This was not a capability of its prior solution, and the team has found it immensely valuable.
The security team at PeoplesBank loves how “easy to use and simple the VMware Carbon Black interface is.” They spend more time in this interface than others because they “enjoy using it, and digging in and seeing what’s going on.” For St. Amand, an hour passes by when using Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard without him realizing, because he now uses it to see what is happening throughout his entire network. Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard is providing information he was not getting anywhere else.

Engaging with VMware Carbon Black
Along with finding value in the product, St. Amand has personally found that the support with Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard has been very helpful. Questions are answered promptly and informatively; no question is too difficult. Within the support forums, St. Amand is able to talk to product managers directly, and has found that by working with the VMware Carbon Black Design Partner Program, a customer such as PeoplesBank can have a say in design meetings and help influence the look and feel of the final product.
PeoplesBank has taken full advantage of VMware Carbon Black and all it has to offer. As a result, the company has peace of mind knowing it is secure.
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As a large provider of high quality single-family rental homes in the United States, Progress Residential has leveraged the power of a single platform with VMware Carbon Black Cloud. Tasked with the job of investing in cybersecurity, the Progress Residential team sought out a nextgeneration antivirus (NGAV) solution that would change the way they manage security, and found it with VMware Carbon Black. Seeking Sophisticated Prevention Before making the switch to VMware Carbon Black, Progress Residential needed to replace their traditional AV solution, Trend Micro, as it was no longer a viable solution for the anticipated growth of the company. Progress Residential leadership was looking to make an investment in cybersecurity, and wanted to find an innovative security vendor and solution that would prevent sophisticated attacks, and provide context and visibility into their environment. The Progress Residential team began research looking at endpoint protection platforms CrowdStrike and Endgame, and with the help of partner CompuNet and industry peers, VMware Carbon Black was brought into the conversation. Before even approaching the VMware Carbon Black team, Cody Lavallee, IT Infrastructure Manager at Progress Residential, conducted his own research on VMware Carbon Black and found the company’s vision compelling. The Advantage of a Single Platform With VMware Carbon Black, Progress Residential can take advantage of the PSC platform to save significant time for their SOC team. As Lavallee shared, “I now have the ability for a 24/7 SOC to immediately identify and take action on any issues that come up without needing to reach out to my team at all hours of the day/night.” There are also operational benefits from using VMware Carbon Black. Their previous solution lacked response capabilities, and remediation often required a prolonged process. VMware Carbon Black, on the other hand, allows them to solve fundamental problems quickly by leveraging platform functionality such as real-time endpoint query through VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Audit and Remediation.“VMware Carbon Black® Cloud Audit and Remediation was a game changer,” said Lavallee “it enables us to tell the technology what we need and get the information back.” The team also found the visibility available through VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection™ and its expert threat reports extremely valuable, especially in their onboarding process. These VMware Carbon Black Cloud Managed Detection™ reports demonstrated VMware Carbon Black’s ability to improve their security posture to the Progress Residential executive team. The products on the cloud platform have consolidated Progress Residential’s security stack, providing exactly what the executive team required of a security vendor. More specifically, the new addition of the threat hunting and incident response solution VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR. The unfiltered visibility via VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR provides actionable versus anomalous activity for their SOC team. “We wanted to stay on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity and Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR provided us with additional security resources to do that”says Lavallee. Conclusion With the power of a single platform, Progress Residential has been able to improve their security posture and redefine security management for the company. The competition could not compete with the wealth of the products on the VMware Carbon Black Cloud, and neither will the adversaries.
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ASRC Federal Reduces Investigation Time with VMware Carbon Black ASRC Federal has approximately 500 endpoints throughout the United States, and administering a variety of tools for threat protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) has added an unnecessary complexity. Additionally, the time to detect and investigate threats was too long. VMware Black® Hosted EDR™ allowed ASRC Federal to streamline endpoint detection and response while markedly lowering their incident-closure time. Managing EDR in the cloud When ASRC Federal was evaluating EDR solutions, they focused on cloud-based offerings due to lower administrative overhead. During their evaluation, they found VMware Carbon Black to be the more sophisticated cloud-based solution with a seamless deployment. ASRC Federal’s Cyber Security Architect Brad Berkemier notes,
“Deploying the agents was so easy. And the cloud-managed model was perfect for us. Cloud was something a lot of other companies were lagging behind on. They had it on their roadmap, but VMware Carbon Black had it already in the cloud and ready for us.” The team also recognized the value of VMware Carbon Black’s customer service: “I can put a ticket in, call support and it’s just done,” says Cyber Security Engineer Sean Malhotra. “My focus stays on [what’s] important and doesn’t deviate to anything else, which is beautiful.”

Results ASRC Federal describes Carbon Black Hosted EDR as “a boon to the team,” enabling them to drastically reduce the time from threat detection to incident resolution. They can now focus on other important tasks with the confidence that their infrastructure is well protected.
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KEY CHALLENGES • Enable the business to be faster to market with new, digital services • Improve IT efficiency with simplified management and greater automation • Consolidate four data centers into two SOLUTION The solution is based on VMware NSX® Data Center which helps create a SDDC for Helvetia, delivering networking and security entirely in software. IMPACT • Simplified control of complex network • Less resource spent on maintenance of hardware, more on developing new services • High availability between two clusters ensures business continuity Helvetia is a Swiss insurance provider. By engaging with VMware, the business has strengthened its network security and addressed business continuity concerns. Today, Helvetia is more automated, more efficient and better able to focus on new business opportunities. Over 160 years, Helvetia Insurance has grown into a successful, international insurance group. With headquarters in St. Gallen and Basel, it is Switzerland's leading all-lines insurer. Helvetia’s success is founded on the diversification between life and non-life business, and as well as a strong home market, it has profitable market positions in other European countries, with above-average growth in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. In the Specialty Markets segment, Helvetia offers bespoke specialty lines cover and reinsurance solutions in selected niches worldwide. It provides its five million plus customer-base with professional advice on all insurance matters, as well as contacts for various sectors under a single roof. More than 7,500 employees work daily to arrive at simple solutions. Helvetia’s brand promise, "simple. clear. helvetia" applies to customers, shareholders and employees alike. The insurance sector is perceived as complicated. Helvetia wants to make the world of insurance simple to access and easier to understand. Challenge Helvetia is one of Switzerland’s largest insurance providers. It is also an increasingly international business. It already has operations across Europe and plans for further growth. Staying still is not an option. Increased competition from new entrants, digital services, and data revolution have created a compelling case for digital transformation in the insurance sector. If traditional insurers expect to remain competitive, they must become more agile, more efficient, more customer-centric, and more sophisticated in the way they use data and analytics. These qualities are reflected in Helvetia’s ‘20.20’ growth strategy. The business wants digital transformation to make customer services faster, easier and more personal. Achieving high customer satisfaction and trust is one of Helvetia’s primary goals. The company is committed to delivering high quality, secure services for customers and its employees. Having a secure IT environment is a critical part of Helvetia’s operations. “The insurance business is based on trust,” says Andreas Hagin, Lead Engineer, IT Infrastructure, Helvetia. “Focusing on customers is firmly anchored in our values and we set very high standards for ourselves and our IT security.” For Helvetia IT, one challenge is being able to handle a rapidly growing volume of work with the same number of employees. That means minimizing the number of manual tasks required of team members, reducing the need to retrain and redeploy teams, and finding new ways to deliver services as efficiently as possible. Digesting the 2014 acquisition of rivals Nationale Suisse provided an ideal opportunity for the company to rethink its IT approach. The acquisition required the consolidation of four data centers into two. “We didn’t have enough space to consolidate into two, so we started to look for new premises in Switzerland,” says Hagin. “We started with a blank sheet of paper.” Action Helvetia’s virtualization journey began with VMware in 2003. Hagin saw the consolidation project as the right time to start micro-segmentation of its data centers: “Security is becoming more and more important. Micro-segmentation means we have better control of our servers. This is key in the insurance market.” The VMware solution, part of the Enterprise Level Agreement, is based on VMware NSX® Data Center. This helps create a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) for Helvetia, delivering networking and security entirely in software, abstracted from the underlying physical infrastructure, as well as increased functionality. In addition, VMware vCloud Suite® is an enterprise-ready hybrid cloud software that brings together the industry-leading VMware vSphere® Hypervisor 6.0 and 6.5, VMware vRealize® Suite cloud management platform and VMware vRealize® Network Insight™. vRealize Suite provides developer-friendly infrastructure (supporting VMs and containers) and a common approach to hybrid and multicloud and works together with NSX to dramatically reduce the delivery time of VMs.
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INDUSTRY: ENERGY/SMART HOME LOCATION: LONDON, UK KEY CHALLENGES: • Establish effective monitoring of complex infrastructure • Be faster to market with new customer services, and quicker to find and resolve issues • Ensure as-a-service functionality to enable business to scale quickly SOLUTION - Deployed Wavefront™ by VMware® ingesting 100,000 data points per second IMPACT • Delivers the scale, performance and observability to support business growth • Creates a more dynamic development culture, making Hive faster to launch and upgrade new customer services • Provides the insight to better manage cloud usage, reducing monthly bill by 25% Hive is the UK’s leading smart home solutions provider. It wants to become the center of the connected home and expand internationally. To fully understand the huge amount of data generated by its smart home sensors, Hive works with Wavefront™ by VMware® to analyze and monitor its cloud platform. This insight is driving IT efficiency and creating real-time service difference. Hive is a supplier of smart home products and services with one million customers in the UK. Owned by Centrica, a major UK energy supplier, Hive plans to become the central control hub for a range of smart home functions, from security to lighting to energy. Challenge The global smart home market is expected to be valued at $137.91 billion by 2023, growing at an average of 13.61% between 2017 and 2023. Hive, already a leader in the UK smart home sector, wants a piece of this action. Formed by Centrica, the UK utilities giant, in 2012, Hive aims to transform the way people control their home environments. Hive solutions enable customers to control a range of functions (lighting, energy, security) remotely, and help schedule smart interventions. Hive’s plan is to establish market leadership in the UK’s emerging smart home sector, and to begin international expansion. It wants to be able to add new functionality when appropriate. At a broader level, Hive has the opportunity to change how utilities suppliers engage with customers. By acting proactively on the huge amounts of user data generated daily, it can adopt a more service-led approach. For Centrica, rather than sending monthly paper bills, Hive is an opportunity to create a more digital and dynamic way of serving energy customers. “From the very beginning Hive has been set up to be innovative and changedriven. We’re encouraged to experiment,” says Hive’s Head of Operations, Christopher Livermore. “We want our developers to be as close as possible to living and breathing, feeling and understanding the customer experience.” For this to work Livermore needed a monitoring platform that could scale, yet be flexible enough to discover granular insight. Hive wanted to monitor not only the performance of its AWS cloud infrastructure, but the very complex and constantly changing patterns of customer behavior. “We wanted to empower our development teams,” he says. Action The solution, Livermore explains, came from a conversation with someone in the social gaming industry. He realized this market – where a game’s success can go global in hours, shared many of the same attributes as smart homes: “Rapid change, the potential of enormous scale, and a desire to engage in the customer experience…they had many of the same aspirations as us.” This led him to Wavefront by VMware, a cloud-native analytics and monitoring platform that provides 3D observability into metrics, traces and histograms. Wavefront allows Hive to set up alerts, troubleshoot problems with automated anomaly detection, see the real-time impact of production codes, and create meaningful dashboards to monitor overall system health. “Wavefront came along and gave us graphs and dashboards and put some tangibility around all of these concepts we'd been talking about,” says Livermore. “It then allows us to send alerts to targeted groups of people. We were able to reassure our development teams quite quickly that they would only be receiving information that was relevant to them and relevant to their product. “The key feature for us is the service-based nature of the Wavefront offering," Livermore continues. “It scales as we scale. “We're sending over 100,000 data points per second to Wavefront. We know that you’d struggle to build a monitoring platform that was that capable, because we've tried doing it ourselves.” Impact This ability to scale is crucial. Hive has grown to one million customers in the UK, and plans to expand into Italy, France and the U.S. in the near future. It wants to double its customer count by 2020, rising to five million in the next few years. It doesn’t just want to add numbers, it wants to understand consumer habits. “It means we can focus on the data in Wavefront rather than focus on the system that's holding the data,” Livermore explains. 
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