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Summary Drew MarineHeadquarters in Whippany, NJ with20 offices around the world and600+ employees Challenges: • Data not protected • Lacked file restoration • Information spread across multipleoffices around the globe • Tape solution not feasible • Ability for non-technicalemployees to use solution Solutions: • Five Barracuda Backup 190s • Four Barracuda Backup 390s • One Barracuda Backup 490 • One Barracuda Backup 690 Results: • Data is safely backed up • Files can easily and quickly be restored • Non-technical employeesare able to administer it • Central management Tape Backups Labor-Intensive and Inefficient When Drew Marine was sold, it was left with offices scattered around the globe and no IT team. There were no longer systems in place to protect or preserve vital company data. Griffith needed a fast solution and turned to tapes for a quick fix because on paper, that seemed to meet the company’s needs. Testing tape backups and restores between six different locations showed that it would be quite challenging and inefficient to use a tape solution. “Tapes don’t work when your offices are spread across the world,” said Griffith. Drew Marine does not have staff solely dedicated to IT in most locations, so sending tapes back and forth through the mail and having to explain what to do with them wasn’t working with its fast paced schedule. Immediately, Griffith saw that tape rotation and shipping time was going to impede his company’s ability to have secure, reliable, and efficient backups. Griffith was familiar with Symantec’s Backup Exec and CommVault backup solutions and knew they would not be able to meet Drew Marine’s needs. He decided to get demos and compare pricing for Iron Mountain, EVault, and Barracuda. “I had always used expensive solutions in the past, but this time I was focused on something that was easy-to-use and affordable,” explained Griffith. Describing his demo experience, Griffith said, “I thought if the actual backup product was even half as good as what Barracuda had depicted, we would never need to use anything else. ” Deployment and Implementation Drew Marine has deployed eight Barracuda Backup appliances in three years: four Barracuda Backup 190s and four Barracuda Backup 490s. Griffith is happy that he does not have to hire an IT specialist for every Drew Marine location to handle Backups. Even the installation can be done without IT expertise. He says that it only requires plugging in hardware and typing in the IP address, and that he has successfully walked non-technical employees through set-up in the past, saving IT resources. Fast File Restoration from Anywhere A much appreciated perk is fast, easy file restoration. Griffith explains, “It’s so easy. I get a call from Japan, roll out of bed, connect to the Internet, log in to the portal, restore the file, and go back to bed. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and the employee in Japan has his file back right away. You can’t do that with tape! Everyone’s happy.” Conclusion When Drew Marine’s data was left unprotected, Allwyn Griffith stepped in to rectify the problem. After trying a tape backup solution and finding it was inefficient, he tried more advanced solutions and chose Barracuda Networks. He has purchased four Barracuda Backup appliances and is thrilled with how easy they are to deploy, manage, and use to restore files. In addition, he’s happy that it doesn’t require any special training to deploy and use it.
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  • Existing solutions were outdated, with complex user interfaces
  • Limited IT resources
  • Lengthy delays in mail delivery
  • Increasing costs of previous spam filtering solution
  • Performance Issues
  • Spam accuracy
UIA’s IT team found that solution is easy to use, with significant improvements compared to their predecessors. The Barracuda Email Security Gateway has far superior performance and stays up to date thanks to regular firmware updates. Whereas the old web filter only functioned as a forwarding proxy, the new Barracuda solution also scans the content of webpages. This means that if an employee visits an undesired website, they are redirected to a warning page that lets them know that the site is not permitted. Another big difference from the previous web filter is the user interface. 
“The user interface of the Barracuda Web Security Gateway is so straight-forward that it feels like I’m managing a Facebook page. Users don’t need much technical knowledge to use the product.”
Another feature that UIA utilizes on the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is email encryption, a simple, yet secure email service offered by Barracuda at no additional charge. This allows their employees to send out sensitive information and ensure secure communication. A cloud-based approach to encryption ensures that keys are stored centrally, eliminating the need for end-user key management. Results:
  • Ease of use; simple and straightforward user experience
  • Better spam accuracy
  • No delays in delivery
  • User-friendly configuration and setup
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  • Spam and virus infiltration
  • Resource intensive
  • Performance issues
  • Prime target for spam and malicious emails
  • Simple management, automation and efficient archiving
After a careful analysis of solutions available on the market, Unicredit Bank decided to implement Barracuda Email Security Gateway (formally known as Spam Firewall). Several factors influenced the decision:
  • High effectiveness
  • Good quality/price ratio
  • Barracuda Networks is a stable company, recognized around the world
  • The results have shown that the Barracuda products integrate well with the existing infrastructure.
Implementing the Barracuda Email Security Gateway allows Unicredit Bank to automate and streamline processes related to securing e-mail communications. The volume of malicious e-mails containing viruses, phishing, and ransomware has significantly reduced. The new solution has minimized the amount of spam received. Barracuda Networks’ technologies have also significantly strengthened the security of the company and reduced the time required for e-mail management, increasing the efficiency of the IT Department and satisfaction of the users and the board. Results
  • Spam reduction
  • Protection against emailborne viruses and malware
  • Granular email management policies
  • Gained per-user visibility and control
  • Easy to manage
  • Cut costs
  • Saved IT resources
  • Improved employee productivity
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  • Simplification of remote access to the company network and applications
  • The need to better manage different connection types and lines in the points of sale
The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is ideal for optimizing application performance. It offloads compute intensive SSL transactions from the server, preserving resources for applications. In addition, optimization features such as caching, compression, and TCP pooling enable faster application delivery and ensure scalability. Using health and performance checks, the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC distributes traffic for efficient use of server resources and employs server failover for high availability. Global Server Load Balancing allows redundancy across multiple sites enhancing availability and speeding disaster recovery. Results
  • Easy, secure and granular remote access to the company network and applications
  • Security and protection for company data
  • Intelligent management of company sites and traffic
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  • The need to improve and modernise data security
  • The need for constant support and continuous product innovation
The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is ideal for optimizing application performance. It offloads compute intensive SSL transactions from the server, preserving resources for applications. In addition, optimization features such as caching, compression, and TCP pooling enable faster application delivery and ensure scalability. Using health and performance checks, the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC distributes traffic for efficient use of server resources and employs server failover for high availability. Global Server Load Balancing allows redundancy across multiple sites enhancing availability and speeding disaster recovery. Results
  • Cost savings and constant support
  • Possibility to test solutions and speed of implementation
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  • Difficulty in consolidating, locating, and retrieving huge amounts of past data and correspondence collected over the years
  • Needed a solution that allows immediate access to information in emails upon request
  • The solution must also apply mailbox management principles in the Exchange servers, thereby reducing the volume of data stored on the active exchange servers
Operationally, the company has been reporting positive results, with a simpler and faster data retrieval experience by their power users. They’ve also reported heavy email usage across human resources, payroll, legal, marketing and finance. The staff at Unicredit Bank say they have better success search rates that have allowed them to not just retrieve email, but also identify the gaps that were previously not visible. Together, with the Exchange stubbing function, the Barracuda Message Archiver has made it easier to locate both attachments and email conversations. Results
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Zero engineering risk
  • Great customer service with committed delivery
  • Simple implementation
  • Improved recovery times for VMs, files and emails
  • Reduced operation effort and engineering risk
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  • Maintain Exchange servers while creating new policies for each end user
  • Preserving all emails for legal and regulatory compliance
  • Insufficient archiving capabilities
Barracuda Message Archiver has helped the company to protect their business by simplifying compliance activities and enabling them to respond to information requests more effectively. Whether it’s investigating chains of communication to establish a true record of events for internal purposes, or responding to an external lawsuit, they’re now able to respond almost immediately. Previously, it might have taken up to two weeks recovering and reconciling data from backups. With any Barracuda Networks solution, the plug-and-play capabilities, phenomenal tech support, and ease of use are instrumental in helping to alleviate the hectic life of the local IT guy. With the Barracuda Message Archiver, Kyivstar was quick to highlight the tech support because it surpassed all of its usual expectations. Results
  • 100% reliable backup & message archiving
  • Easy access to every email ever sent or received
  • Alleviate strains on mail server and bandwidth
  • Quickly set up built-in policies to meet regulatory compliance
  • Easy to install and use
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Aevitae - ведущая голландская страховая компания, которая защищает сотни тысяч частных лиц с помощью корпоративных и прямых страховых планов. Имея относительно небольшой штат сотрудников, они обеспечивают лучшее в своем классе страхование для четверти миллиона клиентов по всех Нидерландах и обработали более шести миллионов цифровых заявок в 2016 году. Помимо того, что они являются ведущим страховым поставщиком Нидерландов, они также являются пионерами технологий, которые они используют как ключевое конкурентное преимущество. Профиль
  • Ведущая голландская страховая компания
  • Предоставляет корпоративные и прямые страховые планы
  • 200 сотрудников
  • 250 000 клиентов
  • 800 000 бумажных заявок и более шести миллионов цифровых заявок в год.
  • Старение локальной инфраструктуры
  • Полная безопасность и прозрачность данных в гибридной среде
  • Повышенная безопасность благодаря чувствительному рынку (Страхование)
Решение Межсетевой экран Barracuda NextGen F-Series и межсетевой экран для веб-приложений, развернутый на облачной платформе Microsoft Azure и локально Результаты:
  • Сквозная видимость и безопасность в гибридной среде
  • Простота использования и управления
  • Масштабируемая и гибкая платформа, подходящая для их динамичного бизнеса 
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Club Automation способствует росту нового бизнеса, безопасно переводит приложение управления клубом здоровья в AWS, защищает данные клиентов и предоставляет брандмауэры за 15 минут вместо нескольких часов, используя межсетевые экраны Barracuda NextGen в облаке AWS. Организация предоставляет облачное программное обеспечение для планирования ресурсов предприятия (ERP) для клубов здоровья и спорта по всей территории Соединенных Штатов. Club Automation перенесла свои приложения в AWS и использует межсетевые экраны Barracuda, предоставляемые через AWS Marketplace. Про Club Automation
Club Automation - ведущий поставщик программного обеспечения на основе облачных технологий, цель которого - способствовать созданию более здорового и активного мира путем расширения возможностей более эффективного управления клубами здоровья и фитнеса. Базирующаяся в Чикаго, компания предлагает решение «программное обеспечение как услуга» (SaaS), которое позволяет оздоровительным и фитнес-клубам без особых усилий управлять своими объектами. Проблема
Не так давно Club Automation была небольшой компанией-новичком в индустрии программного обеспечения для клубов здоровья с большой целью: революционизировать всю отрасль с помощью решения для планирования ресурсов предприятия SaaS (ERP), которое управляет всеми частями бизнеса клубов здоровья. В настоящее время компания переживает взрывной рост бизнеса.
«Мы попали в клубное ERP-пространство в качестве проигравшего, но мы очень быстро выросли», - говорит Макс Лонгин, партнер-основатель компании. «Около 70 процентов нашей общей выручки как компании пришлось в прошлом году».
Несмотря на это, Лонгин считает это периодом «контролируемого роста».
«Мы сами не занимались маркетингом - наши новые клиенты приходили к нам из уст в уста. Мы обеспокоены тем, что если наши системы не готовы к масштабированию для поддержки большего роста, мы можем поставить под угрозу производительность и опыт наших клиентов».
Чтобы решить эту проблему, Club Automation пыталась перевести свое приложение SaaS на нового поставщика облачных технологий.
«Нам требовалось больше гибкости и масштабируемости, чем у нас с нашим предыдущим гибридным облачным решением, которое включало безопасную, но унаследованную среду частного облака», - подтверждает Лонгин. «Мы должны были масштабировать заранее требуемую мощность, которая была дорогостоящей и требовала тщательного планирования. Мы хотели быть более гибкими, чтобы быстро развертывать новые приложения и функции для наших клиентов».
Поскольку Club Automation рассматривала новые облачные технологии, ей также требовалось обеспечить надежную защиту рабочих нагрузок приложений.
«Мы работаем в среде держателей карт, и наше решение должно быть PCI-совместимым и иметь высокую степень безопасности», - говорит Лонгин. «Мы не можем разрешить доступ к нашим серверным системам кому-либо, кроме наших разработчиков. Мы должны были устранить атаки на поверхности в облачной среде, и нам нужна была безопасность, чтобы позволить нашему бизнесу безопасно переносить наши рабочие нагрузки в облако».
Почему Amazon Web Services
Club Automation решила перенести свое приложение SaaS в облако Amazon Web Services (AWS), отчасти потому, что AWS решает проблемы безопасности и производительности компании.
«Раньше мы не были настроены на поддержку географического роста, потому что у нас было всего несколько рассредоточенных центров обработки данных, и у нас были проблемы с быстрым развертыванием безопасности и стабильной производительностью во всех регионах США», - говорит Лонгин. «Мы смотрели на Microsoft Azure, но это не было правильным решением для наших нужд», - говорит Лонгин. «AWS подходит как перчатка и предлагает лучшие услуги для нашего бизнеса».
Club Automation запускает свои веб-серверы на экземплярах Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) и запускает фоновые задания в AWS Elastic Beanstalk, сервисе для развертывания и масштабирования сети. Приложения. Компания также использует Amazon Aurora, службу реляционной базы данных для хранения и управления членством клиентов и финансовыми данными.
Для безопасной миграции рабочих нагрузок приложений SaaS на AWS Club Automation решила работать с Barracuda Networks, партнером по расширенным технологиям AWS Partner Network (APN) с сертификацией AWS Security Competency. Barracuda предоставляет межсетевые экраны, разработанные для AWS, чтобы помочь клиентам развернуть комплексную архитектуру безопасности и повысить защиту от кибератак и продвинутых угроз.
«У меня были прежние деловые отношения с Barracuda, и я был впечатлен стабильностью решений», - говорит Лонгин.
Club Automation развернула межсетевые экраны Barracuda NextGen, чтобы защитить среду AWS компании. Брандмауэры устанавливаются на экземпляре Amazon EC2 в виртуальной частной облачной среде Amazon Automation (Amazon VPC). Каждый брандмауэр находится в общедоступной подсети, защищая от несанкционированного доступа к частным подсетям, где находится среда данных держателя карты.
Club Automation смогла легко приобрести и развернуть межсетевые экраны Barracuda с помощью интернет-магазина AWS Marketplace, где клиенты могут найти программное обеспечение и услуги от партнеров AWS, чтобы они могли создавать решения и управлять своим бизнесом. Выгоды
Переместив свое SaaS-приложение в облако AWS, Club Automation смогла не отставать от своих быстрых темпов роста.
«AWS позволяет нам легко масштабировать и внедрять инновации», - говорит Лонгин.
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  • Stakeholders emails were being bombarded with spam
  • Account compromise led to employees receiving targeted phishing emails
  • Protected from spam, malware, and targeted spearphishing attacks
  • Brand and reputation defended against account compromise and domain spoofing
  • Rapid, easy deployment
Cape Air not only serves consumers, but also has partnerships with major airlines that it corresponds with on a regular basis. So, it would not be unusual for those organizations to receive emails from Cape Air—as well as emails from attackers who use domain spoofing to hijack Cape Air’s brand identity.
Gifford explains, “If an account gets compromised and then that compromised account goes on to attack one of our partners, that’s not acceptable to me.”
Therefore, DMARC was also something that needed to be implemented immediately. Gifford started looking for an email security solution that would address the gaps in Office 365, secure his users against targeted attacks, and protect Cape Air’s brand and reputation. He had heard about Barracuda and its security solutions, and when he watched a Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel demo, he liked what he saw.  Cape Air was one of the earliest Barracuda Sentinel customers. Barracuda Sentinel has helped reduce incidents of account compromise by blocking web impersonation emails (e.g., emails that pretend to come from Office 365), which lead to the theft of employee credentials. Barracuda Sentinel also provides domain fraud visibility protection using DMARC authentication, which ensures that no one can hijack Cape Air’s brand.
Gifford says, “I think Sentinel is a ground-breaking program. The thing about AI is that it just gets better.”
Barracuda Sentinel does an excellent job of catching phishing and spear phishing attempts, and Gifford couldn’t be happier. He describes Barracuda Sentinel as being “the best thing since sliced bread.”  Before implementing Barracuda’s email protection, Cape Air faced a lot of spam and their users were flooded with phishing and spear phishing attacks. Cape Air has seen an enormous drop in the number of email attacks since it adopted Barracuda’s email solutions. Phishing and spear-phishing attempts to trap unaware and innocent users are a thing of the past, and almost 100% of all virus and malware traffic is blocked.
“My complaints from end users have dropped significantly,” Gifford says.
Cape Air has had no further incidents since it started using Barracuda’s email protection. Gifford says he’s been happy ever since.
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  • Protect against sophisticated attacks
  • Ensure uninterrupted online access
  • Support a multi-application environment
  • Prevent loss of personal/sensitive data
  • Scale easily
  • Easy to install and manage
The Barracuda CloudGen WAF provides an extra layer of fine-grained security, which allows the engineers to closely monitor traffic profiles and automatically mitigate unusual behavior and attacks. Hyundai was impressed with how easy it was to install and manage, and how well it performed. The experts at Barracuda Central work 24x7 to monitor and block the latest Internet threats. Data from more than 150,000 collection points is analyzed to create and deliver protection against previously unknown threats within minutes of their discovery via Energize Updates. As new types of threats emerge, the Barracuda Web Application Firewall will acquire new capabilities to block them. Hyundai found that Barracuda Networks was the right security and application delivery partner to protect it from sophisticated attacks, optimize its network, and keep IT resource needs low with its ease of installation and use. Barracuda Networks provided a complete, affordable, scalable solution that filled the application delivery and network security needs of this company. Results:
  • Network is always up and running
  • Confidential data is safe
  • Easy to manage and monitor web applications across the network
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  • Unreliability of environment
  • Uneven levels of demand throughout the year
  • Highly sensitive data
  • Current solution meant waiting for weeks to receive additional web encoding servers
  • New solution required the additional security needed to keep customer data safe and maintain levels of customer experience
Platinum Bank was already familiar with Barracuda, having utilized the Barracuda Email Security Gateway for cyber threat prevention. The company came to the conclusion that it needed an additional firewall solution to protect their data center. The goal was to log more information on the subnets’ inbound and outbound traffic. Platinum Bank determined that the Barracuda WAF was the right choice. Since deploying the Barracuda WAF, Platinum Bank has warded off many cyberattacks. In addition, Platinum Bank is now able to fix their own issues within five minutes, whereas their outsourced provider solution took weeks, saving a significant amount of time and money. Results
  • Increased uptime
  • Better security and more comprehensive compliance
  • Automation of new threat blockers
  • Little additional training required
  • Engineer time saved, so can be spent on improving customer experience
  • Cost effective solution
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  • Suffered Cryptolocker ransomware attack
  • Business-critical data encrypted
  • Risk of significant cost, lost business, and damaged corporate reputation
  • Encrypted files identified and deleted
  • Affected files restored from backup
  • No ransom paid
  • Up and running again in one hour
The company’s three Barracuda Backup appliances are themselves backed up with Barracuda Cloud subscriptions, replicating local backups to Barracuda’s enterprise-grade datacenters for disaster recovery.
“The Barracuda Cloud subscriptions give us extra peace of mind. Even if our on-site backups are somehow compromised or destroyed, our data will be completely secure and easy to restore,” says Murray.
Murray’s appreciation for Barracuda products goes beyond Backup. He and his team also use Barracuda Web Security Gateway to secure web traffic and monitor web usage by Hayward Tyler’s users.
“We had a SonicWall UTM product that we felt wasn’t performing as we had hoped. Since replacing it with the Barracuda Web Security Gateway, we’ve seen a marked improvement. It’s very powerful, but it’s also very easy to configure and manage.”
Hayward Tyler Group PLC has built its reputation over 200 years by delivering products and solutions that fulfill critical functions reliably and effectively in demanding, dynamic environments. Allowing that reputation to be put at risk by a ransomware attack is simply unacceptable. To protect the company’s reputation, data, business, and personnel, A.J. Murray relies on Barracuda Backup and Barracuda Web Security Gateway.
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