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UNIFIED AGENT DESKTOP EMPOWERS FITNESS FIRST AGENTS TO RESOLVE CUSTOMER QUERIES FIRST TIME Fitness First started as a single health and fitness club in Bournemouth in 1993. It has since grown to become one of the world’s largest gym, health and fitness club groups with over 1 million members, more than 380 Fitness First clubs across 16 different countries and 85 clubs in the UK. Fitness First’s UK contact centre operation offers an essential first point of contact for customers looking to join up, change their membership details, renew contracts, as well as for general enquiries. In addition to handling inbound calls, Fitness First agents also conduct outbound programmes to support member retention as well as using email, mailings and social media campaigns. Fitness First was keen to improve customer contact performance, however the combination of its legacy call delivery system and CRM-based member management system made it hard for agents to gain access to the information they needed. “While we held all the necessary information in-house, it was really hard for our agents to get hold of a customer’s details during a call, due to the lack of integration between our systems,” commented Fitness First’s Performance Manager, Emma Stark. “This had an inevitable impact on first contact resolution and overall levels of customer satisfaction.” Business Benefits
  • Eliminated repeat calls
  • Massive increase in First Contact Resolution
  • Reduction in FTE through desktop efficiency
  • Agents free to spend more time on complex issues
“When a member called up initially, Fitness First agents had to gather details and then submit a request for back-office departments to make a change. This could often prove a lengthy process and frequently meant that customers would call back to check on progress and it looked like we hadn’t acted on their request,” added Emma. “This lack of integration also impacted the consistency of information shared between the contact centre and the fitness clubs. For example, membership upgrades transacted by the contact centre weren’t being shared with the clubs.” “It was clear that lack of systems integration was increasingly impacting member satisfaction and we were determined to update our customer contact infrastructure so that we could deliver an improved customer experience,” she continued. “Our goal was to implement a more joined up solution that could directly address the issue of first contact resolution – cutting repeat calls and freeing our agents to focus on delivering a high quality customer service.” Improving first contact resolution through an intelligent desktop After a detailed market assessment, Fitness First engaged mplsystems to help support the delivery of an optimised customer experience for the club’s members. Fitness First recognised that its contact centre was an essential first point of contact for customers, so opted for an approach that would bring immediate customer service benefits. Working with mplsystems, Fitness First has now implemented a powerful multi-channel contact centre and intelligent agent desktop solution capable of delivering a more consistent customer service experience.
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HOMESERVE GAS TRANSFORM CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH MPLSYSTEMS PLATFORM HomeServe Gas ’ goal is to be the first place that people turn to for home emergencies and repairs, through its network of highly skilled and experienced engineers. Therefore, they are committed to providing their customers with the highest levels of support. Dealing with approximately 300k calls and 200k visits a year, HomeServe Gas sought out a company with the same vision and focus as themselves, in that the customer is at the centre of everything that they do. mplsystems were selected to deploy a complete end-to-end customer service solution that would be used by and benefit all of their agents within the contact centres, their engineers out in the field and all supervisors over-seeing the business. Encompassing contact centre technology; advanced workforce scheduling; mobile apps for service engineers and parts and stock management, the solution successfully transformed their customer service. mplsystems implemented a powerful Omni-Channel contact centre solution for in and outbound communications, with a service management desktop incorporating complex workflows and business process management. Through case management and automatic configurations, the system raises jobs; orders and asset management whilst providing a complete parts and supplier management set-up. The system also manages end-to-end field service, with scheduling and mobile app solutions alongside service desk software. Thus, ensuring a seamless flow of communication between those within the contact centres; those out in the field and also the customers. Prior to the deployment of mplsystems’ intelligentContact software, like so many others, HomeServe Gas agents were having to search in multiple places for different data so that they could keep the customer informed and manage a thorough conversation based on their needs, preferences and contact history. mplsystems’ unified agent desktop and complete CRM solution, simplified this job for the agents as it amalgamated all the different screens into one. Rather than flicking and searching through many different screens, the agents now had all the information necessary in a single customer view. With such a varied mix of reasons for customers contacting the company, the desktop guides agents through complex processes and embeds contextual data to equip them with the knowledge required to provide a more thorough customer service. As a result, agents are now able to locate information and answers to customer questions quickly, slashing the handling time for the average call by 80sec. Thus, providing a better customer experience, as agents are also able to spend more attention on the conversation, rather than searching multiple screens. With our scheduling software, service desk agents are now able to see the status of jobs and engineers in real-time. They are also able to see the engineers on-route, as well as parts and their where abouts, if being delivered by a third party. With an enhanced visibility on complete information, team members are able to act and react to it quickly if needs be. Further to contact centre solution integration, HomeServe Gas also equipped all of their engineers with an mplsystems field service app on their portable tablets. Thus, meaning that engineers are now able to broaden their capabilities from viewing relevant and up-to-date customer information, to upselling when they identify an opportunity. They are also able to raise quotes and process invoices through the system, therefore saving the service desk staff time so that they can focus more on complex tasks and/or new customers logging their requests. With mplsystems’ solution deployment being completed within the 6-month window that they were set, HomeServe Gas were able to change things for the better with a quick turnaround. With energies focused on making the customer’s journey easier, they continually exceed SLAs, both internally and externally. “The customer’s goals and objectives are always in the forefront of our minds when we deliver a project like this;” shares Paul White, CEO, mplsystems. “We make it our mission to deliver intricate integrations with the utmost of professionalism, by making it simple and effective for the client. Our support team, consisting of a project manager, developers and an account manager, ensure that the client’s requests are dealt with in a responsive and progressive manner throughout the entire deployment. We capture and configure their requirements, while evolving the system for them with minimal IT costs and disruption to their business.” BUSINESS BENEFITS:
  • Decreased service response times
  • Boosted service desk & efficiency 
  • Reduced planning & dispatch overheads
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