Administration of Linux server

The Kiev-based company Information Technology For Business has extensive experience in the support, configuration and technical support of server and telecommunications equipment.


It depends on the initial setup of the server. The concept of server administration includes a web server, a PostgreSQL server or a MySQL server, mail services, etc.) Our company administers servers running on Unix (Linux/FreeBSD) similar operating systems.

Administration services include:

  • Server setup;
  • Installation and configuration of the software on the server;
  • Setting up the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD) for maximum performance, optimizing the work of services;
  • Tuning and optimization of the database server;
  • Up to date;
  • System security setting;
  • Monitoring of work monitoring;
  • Setting up a backup;
  • Writing or editing system scripts, automating tasks;
  • Help in repelling DDoS attacks.