Altium Designer
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Altium Designer



PitchAltium Designer allows you to organize through the design process, from the design of the electrical input concept and ending with the formation of files for automatic installation of the components on the board.

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PCB design is a work of engineering art. It combines exhaustive scientific knowledge with a natural design intuition to create a single, unified vision. While your designs often go unnoticed, they work tirelessly in the background of our lives, shaping the direction of future technologies. Harmonize your engineering potential to create the most advanced and innovative PCB design applications today. REAL-TIME LICENSING REPORTING PRECISE 3D MEASUREMENTS XSIGNALS WIZARD USB 3.0 SUPPORT INTELLIGENTLY AUTOMATE YOUR DOCUMENTATION OFFLINE DESIGN SYSTEM STREAMLINED DESIGN RULE EDITOR HOLE TOLERANCE DEFINITIONS PADS® LOGIC EXPORTER INTEGRATED TASKING PIN MAPPER ENHANCED PIN LENGTH DEFINITIONS NET COLOR SYNCHRONIZATION TECHNOLOGY-AWARE XSIGNALS WIZARD


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