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PitchBitDam brings the world’s most effective approach to content-borne threats

Product features


Email, shared URL’s, file attachments, cloud drives and new digital communications are transforming the way we work. They are also the most accessible entry point for advanced content-borne cyber attacks. Deep Application Learning Continuous and aggregative CPU-level learning of application paths. BitDam live knowledge base of all legitimate executions for common business applications. Real-time analysis, code benchmarking and immediate alien code detection for advanced threats, regardless of the specific attack technique. Alien Code Detection Forever Protected Applications 100% attack code visibility for known and unknown threats, covering all attachments & links. Prevention of sophisticated exploits and evasion methods, pre-code execution. No need for security updates or patches. BitDam Email Security & Malware Protection Features
  • Close to zero latency – With minimal email latency of just a few seconds, end-users will not notice any change. With BitDam, they’re safe to click everything that lands in their inbox.
  • 2-click integration – Pre-built APIs enables a (literally) 2-click self-service deployment through the BitDam portal, which applies for all mailboxes in the organization.
  • Fast and easy deployment – No MX record change is needed, no hassle to your IT team.
  • Intuitive dashboard – Your SOC team can view email subject and recipients through the BitDam dashboard, making tracking and investigating attacks simple.
  • Email body and clean files are never saved – BitDam scans the entire email including links and attachments, but doesn’t save it unless malicious.
  • Quarantine malicious emails – Malicious emails are automatically quarantined, allowing the SOC team to investigate, delete or release them as needed.
  • Visibility to other security checks – As a SOC team user you can see what basic security checks each email went through. This includes anti-spam, spf, and dmarc checks.
Unmatched detection rates, immediate prevention of ALL advanced content-borne cyber threats. Any Exploit Logical Exploits and Hardware Vulnerabilities Any Payload Macro-Based Malware, Ransomware, Spear Phishing. Any Known Unknown Vulnerability One Day, Zero Day Attacks Make it safe to click across all channels
  • Email
  • Cloud Storage
  • Instant Messaging

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