Bridge LMS

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Poor communication and coordination among staff

Low employee productivity

Employee retention


Enhance Staff Productivity

Appraise and Train Staff

Enhance Competitive Ability

Bridge LMS

Bridge is a modern Learning Platform created to drive a compelling learning experience, while helping employees and companies grow faster.


Bridge is an employee development platform that combines learning management, performance management, career development, and engagement measurement into one unified experience.

Bridge enables remote workers to stay connected and companies to develop their people with virtual training, manager/employees 1:1s, and career development plans. Used by more than 800 companies worldwide, Bridge helps companies achieve their strategic people development goals by facilitating connection, alignment, and growth across the entire organization.

The platform’s unique features allow for course creation, goal setting, and development planning. It empowers course authors and learners to carve group and personal development paths that are aligned with organizational goals. With this at your disposal, developing your employees’ skills in line with business objectives is easier than ever.

As a platform for course creation, coaching program, evaluation, and communication, Bridge offers you several unique benefits. Here are the details:

  • Simplified Course Creation

Bridge’s intuitive course authoring tool allows authors to create customized learning modules for participants. This doesn’t require extensive technical expertise to navigate and users who have no prior experience with LMS will find it easy to learn.

With this feature, managers and HR professionals can easily build attractive and engaging courses from scratch. It can support all sorts of files so you can create multimedia content for your training modules as well. What’s more is you can store these in a searchable centralized database, making them easy to retrieve for future use.

Lastly, if you don’t have the time or the resources to create courses from scratch, the platform comes with a library of on-demand content that you can peruse. Just choose the topic you need, onboard your participants, and you’re good to go.

  • Enhanced Coaching Programs

As an employee-centric tool, Bridge’s goal is to help your talents reach their goals in their chosen careers. This is why it allows you to map out specific learning paths for different job positions. With this feature, you can group courses that will help your employees develop the necessary skills for the career path they want. This also comes in handy for grooming new leaders for your company.

  • Streamlined Communication

Bridge is built to promote learner engagement. It allows your employees to communicate with each other through the platform so that they may easily collaborate on group tasks as well as work together when they have questions about particular courses. Also, it comes with peer-to-peer feedback tools and easy file sharing so that they are better equipped to help each other during their training.

  • Better Learner Evaluation

Bridge also includes a suite of learner assessment tools. The software makes it possible for managers to monitor the participation of employees within courses. This includes attendance and progress monitoring. You can even enable gamification and schedule assessment tests for specific courses to engage your employees and keep them competitive. All of these data will be posted on course-specific leaderboards so that you can quickly identify top performers.

  • Easy Access to Courses

The efficiency of Bridge lies in its accessibility. Alongside compulsory courses, employees are invited to engage in different optional courses and develop their learning programs. They can also access content and follow their progress from any mobile device, being notified whenever something in their records is changed. It also allows them to rate the training you provide them with, which means you can get feedback to use as actionable data for future courses.

  • Improved Course Assessments

When it comes to facilitating learning programs, it is important that you not only evaluate your learners but also assess the effectiveness of your courses. This is where Bridge’s powerful analytics and reporting functionalities come in. The platform can measure complex course statistics based on the indicators you’ve chosen while keeping an eye on cost-effectiveness. It can even generate reports through a simple and comprehensive dashboard, where the user can also apply key findings regarding its course delivery.

  • Seamless Integrations

Integration won’t be an issue even when it comes to customer assistance programs, as you can easily blend Bridge within your existing ERP and CRM infrastructure. Bridge is produced with scalability in mind, which means that it allocates and accepts system resources each time capacity demand is increasing. The number of training sessions you organize or the number of employees you involve won’t be an issue – the system’s performance remains intact. Service delivery is kept in the loop even when negotiating prices, as the Bridge team seems to have a functionality package for each customer type.

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