Charm Health TeleHealth


Problems that solves

No support for mobile and remote users

Low quality of customer support

Customer attrition

High costs


Reduce Costs

Improve Customer Service

Enhance Competitive Ability

Increase Customer Base

Charm Health TeleHealth

Turn your Practice into Virtual Clinic


ChARM EHR is a online web-based, MU Stage 3 - 2015 Edition Certified, HIPAA compliant, collaboration driven, ambulatory electronic health record (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Medical Billing (RCM) solution that dramatically improves quality of care for patients. ChARM products include TeleHealth solution for remote patient care, and Connect platform for healthcare messaging and communication.


  • Integrated Audio & Video for live consultations
  • Ability for providers to communicate through HIPAA complaint messaging
  • Providers can create compliance document and get patient consent before every telehealth session
  • TeleHealth Kiosk helps remote centers to engage with patients and initiate telehealth sessions
  • Multi-User TeleHealth sessions allow more than one patient representative to participate in the video call
  • Support for laptops and tablets as endpoints. No software to install or maintain
  • Specialized workflow to accommodate individual clinician preferences
  • Ability for remote specialists and bedside clinicians to collaborate in consultation
  • Screen sharing helps patient to share medical records on their desktop/mobile with providers
  • Supports local recording of TeleHealth sessions, for future reference


  • Improve Access to Care. Connect with patients anytime and anywhere
  • Decrease Wait Times. Eliminate unnecessary patient visits. Transportation, parking, and wait times are eliminated
  • Boost Practice Revenue. Reduce overhead expenses, paperwork, and make personalised care more efficient. Increase patient volume