Check Point 21000 Appliances

The 21000 Appliances are designed for data centers with the most demanding requirements for performance and high availability. They are ideal for low-latency transactions, with sub 5 micro-second latency, and they deliver excellent serviceability features for cost-efficient operation.


Delivers the best performance in its class Up to 44.5 Gbps of real-world firewall throughput Up to 6.9 Gbps of real-world IPS throughput Supports sub 5 micro-second low-latency transactions Supports high availability and serviceability Offers a variety of network options to work in any network environment Offers Lights-Out-Management option for remote out-of-band management Enables service without downtime thanks to hot-swap and redundant components Reduces costs through security consolidation Extends easily to add more security features without adding a new appliance Available in four complete and Software Blade packages that meet any security need Available in a low-cost, high-performance package with extended memory for maximum connection capacity Features Maximum security and performance The Check Point 21000 Appliances offer maximum availability of business-critical applications and the best performance available in their class. High port density with up to 37x1GbE ports for network segmentation 110 Gbps firewall throughput and sub-5µs latency for mission-critical applications Comes in compact 2-rack unit chassis Comes with acceleration and clustering technologies Reliability and high serviceability Meet the uncompromising high availability standards of modern data centers; the 21000 Appliances are designed to be highly serviceable, even when deployed in customer networks. Hot-swappable redundant power supplies, hard disk drives and fans An advanced Lights-Out-Management card provides out-of-band remote management to remotely diagnose, start, restart and manage the appliance from a remote location Prevent unknown threats Check Point provides complete zero-day threat prevention and alerts when under attack. Threat Extraction delivers zero-malware documents in zero seconds. Threat Emulation inspects files for malicious content in a virtual sandbox. When Threat Emulation discovers new threats, a signature is sent to the Check Point ThreatCloud database which documents and shares information on the newly identified malware with other Check Point customers — providing immediate protection against zero-day threats. Security acceleration module for greater performance confidence With the optional Security Acceleration Module, you can confidently increase firewall and VPN bandwidth through your 21000 Appliance without performance degradation. Check Point’s innovative, purpose-built SecurityCore™ technology uses parallel and security processing power to accelerate security performance. Offloads security processing from the general purpose appliance CPU Available as a bundle for significant savings right out of the box High network capacity Deploy the Check Point 21000 Appliances in any network environment. Up to 37 10/100/1000Base-T ports Up to 36 1000base-F SFP, or up to 13 10GBase-F SFP+ ports Three front-facing expansion slots Up to 1,024 VLANs for higher network segmentation Pre-configured with Next Generation Software Blade packages Pre-configured with Next Generation Software Blade packages The Check Point 21000 Appliances offer a complete and consolidated security solution available in five Next Generation Security Software Blade packages. Next Generation Firewall—identify and control applications by user and scan content to stop threats (included Blades: IPS and Application Control) Next Generation Secure Web Gateway—enable secure use of Web 2.0 with real-time multilayer protection against web-borne malware (included Blades: Application Control, URL Filtering, Antivirus and SmartEvent) Next Generation Data Protection—preemptively protect sensitive information from unintentional loss, educate users on proper data-handling policies and empower them to remediate incidents in real-time (included Blades: IPS, Application Control and Data-Loss Prevention). Next Generation Threat Prevention—apply multiple layers of protection to prevent sophisticated cyber-threats (included Blades: IPS, Application Control, Antivirus, Anti-Bot, URL Filtering and Email Security) Next Generation Threat Extraction—(NGTX): advanced next-gen zero-day threat prevention, NGTP with Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction. Additional Software Blade upgrades are available to further extend and customize protection options