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Cinema-Friends Advertising video production

Video ad is an indispensable tool for any company that heads to the future because it's the Internet and everything that is happening here today that set the trends for the entire advertising industry


Making video advertising for posting on Internet platforms and other web-resources is called video advertisement. Why it’s worth paying attention to this trend?
  • Interactivity. You probably could see a funny promotional video on YouTube or Vimeo. You liked it - you clicked a thumb up button and even wrote a laudatory comment. You were unhappy or outraged - and now the number of dislikes under the video begins to grow rapidly. The rise of views, likes, comments, and ongoing discussions of your video on the web give the most accurate picture of the advertising perception.
  • Visibility of the results. Any video hosting or other online resource gives advertisers clear numbers on views, comments, likes ... and referrals to their site. Tracking the effectiveness of funds invested in such video advertising becomes simpler.
  • Accurate hit to the target audience. Social networks and other Internet resources provide maximum demographic information to advertisers: region, gender, age, interests (tracked by likes and views of other videos). Thus, you may not worry that the views will be “merged” to the wrong users.
  • Low price for placement. Video advertisement cost is not cheap, as well as in the case of creating any high-quality video content. But in most cases, their placement in the network and sharing on various resources is way lower than the price of television ads.
  • Diversity. When you create advertising videos for the Internet, you already know they usually are not limited by any kind of timing. This allows you to provide your target audience with useful and entertaining content for any purpose, in any format: promo videos, viral videos, training videos, interviews, a report on the promotional event, etc.
How Do We Work with a Client? Video advertising agency Cinema Friends, provide a full specter of video advertising production services that includes:
  • Analysis of the company and its marketing environment; according to its results, we create the advertisement video project;
  • Pre-production: generation of ideas, development of the concept of the video and its storyboard, scriptwriting, casting, search for a site or field locations, preparation of scenery, etc.
  • Shooting the video.
  • Postproduction: editing, sound editing, adding visual effects, color correction.
Do you feel a need for likes, shares, and discussion of your products or services? Video advertising production company Cinema Friends creates video ads for all types of business. Succeed with us! What about the price for advertising video production? The price for making advertising is determined at the script development stage. It’s formed according to:
  • The complexity of the idea;
  • Video distribution sources: media resources or social networks;
  • The number of filming locations;
  • The cost of hiring actors and extras;
  • Amount of time the crew spends on shooting video ads and post-production.
When our team takes on the production of advertising, the prices may vary; the video advertising cost depends only on your wishes and what result you’d like to get in the end. Want to see your products or services liked, shared, and discussed? Order a video advertisement! Video advertising production studio Cinema Friends makes advertising videos for various types of companies. Reach success with us!

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