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Unify (Vendor)


PitchCircuit brings voice, video, screenshare, chat, and file sharing into a single view accessible from any device. Circuit is everything your teams need to communicate in a single app.

Product features


Secure Realtime Collaboration Circuit by Unify is a highly secure, multi-tenant cloud offering that provides everything disparate teams need to communicate into a single tool. Circuit relies on a secure web browser for connection to the cloud, and the browser uses the WebRTC protocol for real-time collaboration. Unlimited User Capacity For agencies that view communications as a strategic imperative, Circuit by Unify can overlay a diverse blend of communications platforms to deliver a truly unified view that provides a seamless flow of critical information that unifies agency communications and business processes. Circuit delivers up to 20 GB of storage and solutions per user group with unlimited user capacity. Everything in One Place In Circuit, all your relevant files and information are centralized and stored right within the conversation where they were shared. This way everything related to a project or topic stays within context. Now you can manage, track, search and organize content much more efficiently. Everything you need for success Discovering. Circuit offers context, finding what you need, what you discussed, what you shared, and what you missed. Creating. Circuit inspires teamwork, bringing minds together to invent, build and solve. Sharing. Circuit unites, keeping you connected and on top of what really matters. Moving. Circuit travels with you, freeing you to work where you want, when you want, and how you want. It’s easy to use Instant access to people, knowledge and content keeps you engaged, organized and informed. It’s mobile  Use your browser, iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM and swipe your calls from one device to another. It’s social Stimulate creativity, cooperation and problem solving with online communities. It’s secure Have peace of mind knowing that all your conversations and data are secure.


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