Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)
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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)



PitchThanks to Cisco CMX solutions, Wi-Fi from a familiar means of accessing the network can turn into a powerful tool for analytics, encouraging customers and generating additional profit.

Product features


Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences turns the industry-leading wireless infrastructure into an intelligent platform that not only provides a reliable connection, but also provides analytic customer information that you can use to grow your business. As the undisputed leader in the Wi-Fi market with over seven years of experience in Wi-Fi location, Cisco is a trusted partner Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) uses a high-density wireless network with the Cisco® Mobility Services Engine, which enables organizations to collect aggregated location data for Wi-Fi users. CMX Analytics is a data visualization module that helps organizations use the network as a source of data for business analysis, highlight behavioral patterns and trends, which, in turn, can help businesses make informed decisions about how to improve customer service and improve their quality. service.

With the CMX solution, you can:
  • Analyze business performance and optimize marketing activities through quantitative analysis of activity at your facility, for example, determining the patency of a particular store
  • Increase the profitability per square meter by optimizing the location using the detailed traffic of the outlet, the conversion rate of visitors into customers, as well as other information, up to specific zones, as well as quantifying the implementation of changes
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that there are enough staff during peak periods
  • Increase profitability using location data for optimal mobile marketing campaigns.

Problems that the product solves

No control over implementation

Decentralization of management

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

Low quality of customer service

No control over data access


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Enhance Staff Productivity

Centralize management

Improve Customer Service

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work

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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Operational Manager

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Mobile users

Backup data center

Internet access is available for employees

GDPR Compliance

Own Data Center