Cisco Transport Manager (CTM)

Problems that solves

Decentralized IT systems

Low quality of customer service

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks

High costs

Risk of data loss or damage


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Reduce Production Timelines

Manage Risks

Cisco Transport Manager (CTM)

Enhance Network Security and Service Continuity with Cisco Transport Manager (CTM)


Cisco Transport Manager is an intelligent, multitechnology, carrier-class element management system (EMS) for optical networks designed following the TMF MTNM principles. Cisco Transport Manager simplifies provisioning and network management and reduces overall costs by providing operators with:
● Single system to manage optical networks: Increases productivity by simplifying complex provisioning tasks of optical network elements
● Single repository for network information: Supports configuration, fault, performance, and security management to capture network information such as resources, alarms, and performance data
● Integration with operations support system (OSS): Foundation for northbound EMS-to-network management system (NMS) interfaces, with gateway options for CORBA, compliant with TMF 814 standard, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and direct SQL database access
Features and Benefits
Cisco Transport Manager increases user productivity through a powerful GUI-based management system that simplifies complex provisioning tasks. The Cisco Transport Manager northbound interfaces accelerate integration into the operations support system’s customer environment.

User features

Roles of Interested Employees

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Chief IT Security Officer

Organizational Features

IT Security Department in company

Internet access is available for employees

Personal data operation