Citrix Workspace
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Citrix Workspace



PitchCombine the benefits of app and desktop virtualization, endpoint management, content collaboration and web/SaaS access control to deliver the secure digital workspace your business needs.

Product features


With new workstyles and complex IT environments, it’s increasingly frustrating for people to get work done in a productive way. Employees are forced to remember numerous logins as they switch between applications—not to mention the time they can waste searching across locations for information. This is all while dealing with performance and security issues that can further hinder the employee experience. Citrix Workspace is the only solution that delivers a unified, secure and intelligent workspace that lets people do their best work while maintaining a high-quality user experience. With Citrix Workspace users get a seamless work experience regardless of the type of app, device, network, or location, without a lot of extra steps. IT maintains control and visibility of SaaS, mobile, virtual, and web apps with a simple and integrated solution that enhances user experience, giving them the best tool to work efficiently. Compare below to see which product best suits your business needs.
Citrix Workspace
  • Provides employees a single, actionable view into all of their systems.
  • Breaks down complex SaaS applications into single-purpose streamlined workflows.
  • Automates work by pushing important information and tasks to any device, intranet or messenger.
Services included
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop Service)
  • Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile Service)
  • Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile integration)
  • Citrix Access Control
  • Citrix Analytics

Problems that the product solves

Decentralized IT systems

No control over data access

Low quality of customer service

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

No automated business processes

No support for mobile and remote users

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Poor communication and coordination among staff


Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Centralize management

Improve Customer Service

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work

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User features

Roles of Interested Employees

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Chief IT Security Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Organizational Features

Web-based customer portal

Mobile users

Internet access is available for employees

BYOD policy

GDPR Compliance

Company branches in different countries