Curtail Security ReGrade

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Curtail Security ReGrade

Get the testing and security solutions that keep up today’s need for continuous operations


ReGrade: Keep systems up and running by testing with live traffic, before you go live Today’s software doesn’t come in a box. It just runs—non-stop. Your Software and DevOps teams have to keep things running while continually releasing new application features—sometimes pushing code updates as fast as they’re written. Yesterday’s testing methods weren’t made for this. ReGrade uses patented, comparison-based traffic analysis to evaluate release versions side-by-side—quickly locating differences or defects. Users only see the production system, but ReGrade compares the two systems, finding bugs and other unintended changes before release. And ReGrade gives insight on performance too—by tracking server response times against identical loads and requests. ReGrade:
  • Verifies quality of software upgrades and patches using real production traffic
  • Prevents costly rollbacks and cumbersome staging
  • Enables regression testing in development, QA, and production
  • Spots differences in content, metadata, application behavior and performance
  • Speeds debugging with packet capture and logging
ReCover: Detect and Isolate Attacks-Even Zero-Day-Without Impacting Operations Redundancy is no guarantee of continuity when your backup systems have been corrupted. Modern systems need proactive monitoring and resilience—not just redundancy. ReCover detects anomalies—including zero-day attacks—by comparing network responses across servers. In an alarm, affected systems are isolated and traffic is switched to clean, resilient servers. With traditional intrusion detection solutions, administrators bring their own systems down on false positives just to make sure they’re ok. But that defeats the point. By switching traffic to a resilient, clean system with an independent attack surface, ReCover keeps operations going even in the face of threats. False positives don’t matter. ReCover: Provides intrusion detection without interrupting operations Detects zero-day attacks with patented comparison technology Isolates attacks while enabling operations to continue on clean servers

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