Cyberbit Range

Problems that solves

No monitoring of corporate IT processes

No automated business processes

Unstructured data

Low employee productivity

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Decentralization of management

Insufficient risk management

No control over implementation


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Centralize management

Manage Risks

Cyberbit Range

Cyberbit Range is the most widely deployed Cyber Security Training and simulation platform

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Security Teams are not Ready Eventually, your organization will be attacked. When this happens, your SOC team’s skillsets, including playbook knowledge, detection and investigation skills, teamwork and communication skills, and security tool operation, will be put to the test. However, conventional training courses do not prepare incident response teams for the intense experience of a cyberattack. SOC teams are unprepared and overwhelmed.

Cyberbit Range: Simulating the Cyberattack Experience Cyberbit Range was created to address this critical gap. It introduces a new training approach by providing a hyper-realistic, virtual SOC environment, where your team can train in responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks and dramatically improve their skills.

Instant, Cloud-Based Training Your SOC team’s time is precious. Their training needs to be accessible, so they can train before or after their shift without leaving the office. By training with Cyberbit Cloud Range, your team can log in anytime, anywhere, and start a simulated training session within minutes, either individually, or as a team.

Cyber Range Simulated Training
  • Train Groups or Individuals
  • Train Blue or Red Teams
  • Train any Role From Tier-1 Analysts to Executives
  • Guided or Independent Training with Automated Assessment
  • Entry-Level to Complex Scenarios
  • Cloud Based Access - Anytime, Anywhere
Hyper Realistic Simulated Training Real-World Network A comprehensive virtualized network that includes application servers, database servers, email servers, switches, routers, and a simulated internet segment. Real-World Security Tools Train your teams in a virtual SOC using market-leading security products: commercial SIEMs, firewalls, endpoint security systems and analysis tools, so your trainees can practice using the same tools they would use in real-life. Real-World Simulated Attacks Choose from an extensive catalog of simulated training scenarios, from entry-level to advanced, multi-stage attacks. Train individuals or teams, from tier-1 analysts to SOC managers and red teams. Attacks are simulated by an automated attack generator, running scenarios crafted by training experts, which means that SOC teams can train in elaborate attacks without the involvement of a red team. Cyberbit’s training scenarios are designed for multiple roles and aligned with NICE Cybersecurity Framework KSA’s.

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 Scheme of work

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