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Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

No IT security guidelines

No control over data access

Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices

Risk of attacks by hackers


Ensure Security and Business Continuity


Cyber Readiness: The state of being prepared to handle unexpected cyber events. Cyber readiness is achieved when people are adept at thwarting or minimizing the effect of an unexpected cyber attack.

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How It Works Our core solution takes a customized, three-fold approach to readiness: anti-phishing assessment, monitoring, and training. We send disguised emails using different attack scenario simulations (including both spray and spear phishing) to your employees on an ongoing basis. Employees’ reactions are tested using various methods and levels of deception. Phishing Readiness It’s not how much effort you’ve put into training employees, how fast your servers are or how up-to-date your software may be. Cyber security awareness programs often fail because readiness is what matters most. Most organizations invest heavily in awareness programs that encourage employees to excel on tests and to keep security best practices in mind. Yet as readiness is skill-dependent and not awareness-dependent, most of these programs ultimately lead to high levels of awareness and regrettably low levels of performance. When it comes to phishing readiness, the true measurement is hindsight: did you know what to do, and did you react accordingly? Instant Deployment We know that timing and context are of the essence. CybeReady’s training programs are fully customizable and ready for technical testing. Within 48 hours of a purchase order, your branded content and simulation suggestions will be ready for use. We deliver programs in your native language that are customized to fit the specific context of your industry and the regions in which your company operates. Once your program has launched, you’ll receive weekly ‘Readiness Reports’ that contain information on the automated operation and performance of your training programs, along with suggestions from our team. Smart Learning  You can only be assured of employees’ readiness with the most rigorous behavioral training, and that requires fully customized content–not templates. CybeReady specializes in highly convincing phishing attacks at varying levels of difficulty–from sector-specific, tailor-made messages to department and position-specific messages, to customer-branded, simulation-specific content that is linguistically and culturally adapted to your needs. With such realistic scenarios, you’ll be well equipped to prepare your employees for any hacker’s diverse approaches to phishing.

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 Scheme of work

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