Data Capture Unit (DCU)

The DCU enables secure data transfer to IT networks or cloud without compromising the security of OT networks like industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure.


Industrial data diode designed to deliver the highest level of security to OT networks like industrial control systems (ICS) and safety critical infrastructure via physical isolation when there’s a need to connect them to a lower security network (IT Networks or Internet) for replication or analytics.


The DCU is designed and manufactured in Germany, its chip design forces data to flow one-way only using a unique electromagnetic induction design, to collect data and guarantee that there’s no physical path for remote access to the OT Network.


The DCU has a software complement called, OWG (One-way gateway) software, its two agents, a OWG sender capable of data collection of several protocols (FTP, OPC UA, Syslog), filtering and aggregating data in the OT network (Edge) to then push it thru the DCU and a OWG receiver, which receives data from the DCU and can be configured to send it directly to the cloud (AWS or MindSphere) or to another computer in the IT network.


The DCU and OWG are vendor neutral and support Windows or Linux systems.

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