Dell EMC PowerPath

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High costs

Decentralization of management

No control over implementation

Insufficient risk management


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Dell EMC PowerPath

Dell EMC PowerPath is a family of software products that ensures consistent application availability and performance across I/O paths on physical and virtual platforms.


Dell EMC PowerPath provides automated path management and tools that enable you to satisfy aggressive service-level agreements without investing in additional infrastructure. PowerPath includes PowerPath Migration Enabler for non-disruptive data migrations and PowerPath Viewer for monitoring and troubleshooting I/O paths. Dell EMC PowerPath/VE is compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V-based virtual environments. It can be used together with Dell EMC PowerPath to perform the following functions in both physical and virtual environments:
  • Standardize Path Management: Optimize I/O paths in physical and virtual environments (PowerPath/VE) as well as cloud deployments.
  • Optimize Load Balancing: Adjust I/O paths to dynamically rebalance your application environment for peak performance.
  • Increase Performance: Leverage your investment in physical and virtual environment by increasing headroom and scalability.
  • Automate Failover/Recovery: Define failover and recovery rules that route application requests to alternative resources in the event of component failures or user errors.

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