Problems that solves

High costs of routine operations

Low employee productivity

Poor communication and coordination among staff


Enhance Staff Productivity

Appraise and Train Staff

Enhance Competitive Ability


Docebo automates learning management, facilitates informal learning applied in the flow-of-work and personalizes the admin and learner experiences.


Trusted by global brands around the world, the Docebo Learning Platform brings together the enterprise LMS you need, the experience your learners want and the power of Artificial Intelligence to make learning your competitive advantage.

Powered with AI technology, the Docebo Learning Platform helps you facilitate informal learning, automate learning management,  and produce measurable learning outcomes aligned to your company goals and objectives.

The platform offers a personalized and engaging learning experience, allowing you to retain your learners longer in your business or institution. Docebo also eliminates the need for multiple systems in delivering internal and external enterprise learning programs and instead drives business growth with its powerful learning features. By preparing learners for scholastic or career advancement, the platform helps you gain a competitive advantage in your respective fields.

For organizations all over the world, learning is a core strategic business activity. Thus, Docebo provides powerful learning management tools to prepare businesses and accelerate professional and organizational growth. To combat complacency in learning technology, Docebo empowers organizations by offering intuitive and engaging learning experiences.

When a learner logs into Docebo, the first thing he or she will see is a customized landing page that can be designed and updated by the administrator. This page can feature videos, GIF files, and images. Admins can also set the system to bypass this page directly to send learners right to their courses. There is no navigation necessary for the learner because admins can pick and choose which widgets to display. So, if a vital fire safety course needs to be completed by your entire team by the end of the day, then you can place it front and center. If a class is not on the home screen, then users can search through course content to find mandatory or optional courses. Admins can limit who has access to which classes on the back end, too.

Core features

Assessment and Reporting. A rich selection of pre-defined and custom reports to track student performance
Gamification. Teachers can create learner awards/badges for specific achievements and maintain student rankings
White labeling. Institutions may choose to white-label their Docebo by adding logos, new color schemes, special layouts, and a proprietary domain name
Web conferencing. Docebo Cloud LMS is compatible with Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, etc.
Certification & Retraining. Students can get certificates for completing designated courses, study plans or external activities.
E-Commerce. You can sell your online courses using Docebo. Nice marketing featureslike using coupons for discounted pricing also come with the package

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work