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PitchFireEye FX – FILE CONTENT SECURITY FX SERIES - Detect and block malicious content that threatens file content security

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File content security, which would cover online file shares, portable file storage and services such as SharePoint, is a significant concern for your networks. Advanced cyber attackers can breach file content security and then launch advanced attacks capable of compromising key systems in an organization. FireEye File Content Security (FX Series) products help prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks by scanning file content for signs of malicious threats. These threats might be brought into an organization from outside sources, such as online file sharing services and portable file storage devices. Benefits of File Content Security Prevent file share-based cyber attacks Block malware discovered in network file storage and content sharing systems Detect advanced malware Scan CIFS and NFS-compatible file shares, on-demand or on a schedule, without affecting server performance Leverage WebDAV protocol to proactively scan SharePoint document management systems Identify known and unknown latent malware that bypasses conventional antivirus products Respond to incidents faster Scan selected or all files, hard drives and trusted and untrusted file domains Analyze a broad set of file types, such as PDF, MS-Office, vCards, ZIP/RAR/TNEF, Quicktime, MP3, Real Player, JPG, PNG Integrate with other FireEye cyber security products, sharing and applying intelligence


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