Fortinet FortiWeb: Web Application Firewall (WAF)

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Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Malware infection via Internet, email, storage devices

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Risk of attacks by hackers

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Non-compliant with IT security requirements


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Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Fortinet FortiWeb: Web Application Firewall (WAF)

FortiWeb is a web application firewall (WAF) that protects hosted applications from attacks that target known and unknown exploits using multi-layered and correlated detection methods.


FortiWeb Product Details Whether to simply meet compliance standards or to protect mission-critical hosted applications, FortiWeb's web application firewalls provide advanced features that defend web applications from known and zero-day threats. Using an advanced multi-layered and correlated approach, FortiWeb provides complete security for your external and internal web-based applications from the OWASP Top 10 and many other threats. At the heart of FortiWeb are its dual-layer AI-based detection engines that intelligently detect threats with nearly no false positive detections. Features and Benefits
  • Proven Web Application Protection. FortiWeb protects against all the OWASP Top-10 threats, DDoS attacks and many others to defend your mission critical web-based applications
  • AI-based Threat Detection. In addition to regular signature updates and many other layers of defenses, FortiWeb’s AI-based, dual-layer machine learning engines protect against zero-day attacks
  • Security Fabric Integration. Integration with FortiGate firewalls and FortiSandbox deliver protection from advanced persistent threats
  • Advanced Visual Analytics. FortiWeb’s visual reporting tools provide detailed analyses of attack sources, types and other elements that provide insights not available with other WAF solutions 
  • False Positive Mitigation Tools. Advanced tools that minimize the day-to-day management of policies and exception lists to ensure only unwanted traffic is blocked
  • Hardware-based Acceleration. FortiWeb delivers industry-leading protected WAF throughputs and blazing fast secure traffic encryption/decryption

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