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Low quality of customer support

Low quality of customer service

High costs


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Enhance Competitive Ability

Improve Customer Service


Diabetes insights at your fingertips


Making the difference

In 2005, we set out with a dream of making life less complicated for people with diabetes, their relatives and care providers. That led our devoted team of developers to create a universal and easy-to-use tool that offers valuable insights to improve daily decision making. Intrigued? Simply register your own diasend® account to get started.

  • Sync Devices. Sync your blood glucose meter, CGM, insulin pump and/or exercise tracker and get all your data in one place.
  • Identify Patterns. See your blood sugar patterns and learn which is your best day and best time of day.
  • Get Support. Share your data with your care team to get the support you need between visits.
  • Access Online. Review detailed reports online at in the comfort of your home.

Your data. Your way.

Everyone that lives with diabetes knows that it is a highly individual condition. Actions that make you react in a certain way, may be completely different to someone else's response. At Glooko, we are aware of this and have designed diasend® to be a truly personal experience – helping you make sense of your unique diabetes data. Customize charts and graphs, use filters to highlight the parts that you want to focus on or even include activity tracker information to reveal new patterns. Your data, your way.

For Clinicians

  • Increase efficiency. Use one single platform to access data from 190+ diabetes devices.
  • Get unified insights. Get actionable insights and knowledge that aim to improve patient outcomes.
  • Improve collaboration. Research shows users improve testing frequency and average BG levels.