Problems that solves

High costs

Low quality of customer support

Customer attrition

Low quality of customer service


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Improve Customer Service


Healthplix is a smart EMR that performs all sorts of clinical operations


The healthcare software is able to generate e-prescription and billing of patients. With this application, doctors can transform their lab into a high-class research center. A user-friendly dashboard helps in managing every customer-related data through deep insights powered by artificial intelligence, machine language, and big data. The software lets patients chat with doctors for any queries and solutions.

How can Users Convert the Lab into a Research Centre through Healthplix?

Healthplix serves a multitude of functions that help in carrying out various lab management operations efficiently. It is equipped with around 650 templates for a better understanding of the patients and their needs. All these can be completely customized, intended at providing sound medical care at a cheap rate. Healthplix comes equipped with a number of chemical formulae and solutions for the lab technicians, helping them perform lab functions smoothly.

Users can keep a tab on improving the lab facility with the latest technologies integrated within the software. Auto-analyzers are there to ease out the process for the lab professionals in performing a number of functions such as in-vitro diagnosis, veterinary use or even hospital use. SMS and email features of Healthplix helps in communicating with patients easily by notifying them regarding their health conditions.


Quicker than hand written prescription

  • MCI guidelines
  • Generics
  • Auto-learning
  • Custom Casesheets

Transform your lab in a day

  • 650 ready templates
  • Custom range
  • Formulae
  • Auto-analyzers
  • e-MAIL/SMS

A billing interface you will LOVE

  • Single screen Interface
  • Minimal Training
  • Prevent misuse
  • Configurable workflow

Deep insights powered by AI, ML & Big Data

  • Finance Dashboards
  • Marketing
  • Test Clinical Hypothesis
  • Treatment outcomes

Care & delight patients with Mobile App

  • EMR on App too
  • Patient App
  • New revenues
  • WhatsApp like Chat
  • No phone number