Highbond Platform

Problems that solves

Insufficient risk management

Non-compliant with IT security requirements

Risk of data loss or damage

No support for mobile and remote users

No automated business processes

High costs of routine operations


Enhance Staff Productivity

Support Decision Making

Ensure Compliance

Generate Business Reports

Manage Risks

Highbond Platform

Governance software for strong risk management.



Take spreadsheets, manual processes, and collaboration struggles out of your team’s day and get back to focusing on high-value activities that help your organization achieve its goals. HighBond centralizes your activities in a purpose-built dashboard, and aggregates your data for real-time decision making and reporting.

Why choose HighBond?

STRATEGIC RISK VIEW & SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH Executives, boards, and oversight committees need intel on what could derail objectives and potential mitigation efforts. Regulators also frown on risk being managed in spreadsheets. HighBond gives you a centrally managed, holistic view of your risk balance-sheet. NO MORE SILOS & SPREADSHEETS Let dedicated technology do your heavy lifting. Plan, manage, execute, and report on your assurance projects in one system. TRIGGERED WORKFLOW REMEDIATION FOR FLAGGED RECORDS Get notified as soon as data analysis uncovers a potential issue. HighBond triggers remediation workflows to help you collaborate, keep tabs on remediation status, and track all efforts in a single system. ISSUE MANAGEMENT & TRACKING
Stop tracking issues over email and instead get a macro view of all your organizational issues, filtered by entity, project, owner, or severity—and check the remediation status with the click of a button. OFFLINE & REMOTE WORK Out in the field/away from the office? No problem. Unplug your PC or tablet, do your work, capture supporting documentation, and sync it all later. RISK ASSURANCE & FRAMEWORKS
Let the system keep you on track by modeling one or many common frameworks like COSO, ISO, SOX, OMB A-123, Green Book, COBIT, ITIL, SIEM, NIST, SOC, and many others. INVESTIGATIONS & FORENSIC WORKFLOWS
Security incidents, possible fraud, whistle-blower hotlines, special investigations, and forensics may all require escalations and workflow alerts. Manage these in a centralized, permissions-based workflow. REPORTING & VISUALIZATION
Senior managers just don’t have time to read the details. Your value is taking GRC complexity and distilling it into a compelling picture, story, dashboard, KPI/KRI, standard or custom report, which can be quickly understood and acted on PUBLIC SECTOR WORKFLOW
Plan, execute, and report on projects to protect expenditures of services and benefits with a workflow that eases your resource-strapped environment. UNCOVER MISSING RISKS
Excel analytics are incapable of uncovering 80% of the risks that matter. Assessing people responses is equally important to assessing entire data sets, and comprehensively integrating people, processes, and data reveals hidden strategic risks. SECURE, CLOUD-BASED SAAS
Enterprise-hosted environments suffer higher incident rates. While your IT’s expertise is running your business, our cloud infrastructure host’s expertise is stringent security. Free up your IT, better protect your data—and empower your users with continuous delivery of always up-to-date value-driving tools. TOOLS & RESOURCES
Your subscription includes online training, a global community of other Galvanize users and experts, a library of pre-built risk analysis scripts, a rich knowledge base, an inspirations platform of ideas, and complete user guides.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work