IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management (PIM)


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IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server for Product Information Management (PIM)

InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM authors, enriches and maintains product and other master data for a 360 degree view


InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM allows companies to create a single, up-to-date repository of product information that can be used throughout their organization for strategic business initiatives A flexible data model - product, categories, hierarchy/taxonomies and location and extensible data modeling capabilities to build data models that evolve as your business evolves. Data aggregation and syndication - supports data imports and exports over several standard protocols and flexible data formats to minimize impact on interfacing systems. Collaborative workflows - collaborative tasks allows organizations to setup workflows that reflect existing and new business processes and business rules, thereby having a system that closely aligns with your business practices. User experience - UIs for data authoring and search including single-edit screen, mass update screen, category mapping UI, faster and simpler searching, single sign on (SSO), and web style content via rich text editor. Link to unstructured content - integration to content management applications. Reporting - advanced auditing and reporting with configurable history tracking. Integration - built-in, proven integration with InfoSphere MDM Server. SOLUTION EXAMPLES: Single view of products enables a better multi-channel experience by providing consistent, complete, and accurate product information to customers. It also provides complete and consistent product information across all commerce channels e.g. eCommerce, store, kiosk, mobile, print catalog, Global Data Synchronization (GDSN). Single view of suppliers and partners gives organizations a single reliable source of information to use in communicating to partners, providing effective means for suppliers to submit product data via Supplier Portal or GDSN interfaces and capture and report back data errors at the time of submission. This significantly reduces time and cost and improves productivity with the partner and supplier network. Operating systems supported: AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris (Sun microsystems)