Intel Server Chassis and System
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Intel Server Chassis and System



PitchWith Intel Server Systems and Intel Server Chassis, you can count on trusted performance, quality, and reliability to help solve the most complex business challenges.

Product features


Customers want data center products designed for outstanding performance and reliability that will address their unique needs. With Intel Server Systems and Intel Server Chassis, you can count on trusted performance, quality, and reliability to help solve the most complex business challenges. Features and Benefits:
World-Class Quality. Intel Server Boards, Intel Server Systems, and Intel Server Chassis are built on a foundation of industry-leading, high-quality technology. Rigorous testing and extensive validation means reliable solutions you can trust. Feature-Rich Products. Intel Server Boards and Intel Server Systems are designed to span multiple server use cases and customization requirements with performance, power, and cost flexibility to meet your existing requirements with headroom for growth. Commitment. Intel is committed to providing you an unmatched customer experience with a standard three-year warranty, 24/7 access to our experts, and the confidence of knowing you have Intel in your corner. Get the most from innovative high performance Intel Server Systems. From 1U single-socket, short form factor web-hosting appliances to high reliability 2U mission critical systems, we have what you need. Intel Servers family delivers power and performance at peak efficiency in a 1U and 2U rack mount server form factor that features the energy- efficient dual Intel Xeon processor Scalable family. High memory capacity, networking, storage, and I/O flexibility combine with innovative design to provide an exceptional and reliable server for business IT, appliance, data center, cloud, and high performance computing applications. Powerful Compute Combined with Flexible I/O, Storage, and Networking Capacity:
  • Dual CPU sockets with support for the Intel Xeon processor Scalable family
  • Up to 24 DDR4 DIMMs
  • Three riser card slots with support for up to eight PCIe* 3.0 add-in cards for high configuration flexibility
  • Four on-board PCIe* OCuLink* connectors for direct attach NVMe* 2.5” SSD support
  • Networking flexibility via 10 G SFP+ and 10 GBase-T OCP mezzanine modules
  • Available in 1U and 2U systems with support for up to 24 NVMe* drives in a 2U chassis
  • Support for the full line of Intel RAID Modules
The servers are built with the latest Intel Xeon processor Scalable family. This latest generation processor is designed for performance with high scalability and resiliency with no I/O compromise, and supports a wide range of existing and emerging workloads. The product family uses a number of key processor advancements:
  • Intel QuickAssist Technology (Intel QAT) delivers up to 100 Gbps performance for authentication, public key functions, and compression/decompression workloads, while freeing up CPU cycles and reducing demands on the server
  • NVMe* enablement alleviates the I/O bottleneck with high performance and capacity
  • Intel Omni-Path Architecture (Intel OPA) integration delivering 100 Gb/s port bandwidth for improved performance and lower latency in medium to large clusters
  • Integrated 10 G Ethernet with RDMA eliminates TCP/IP overhead by offloading transport to NIC for faster switching and packet filtering
  • Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel VROC) enables high-performance, highly scalable CPU-based RAID with NVMe with high IOPS and low latency
The product family is a foundational component of Intel Data Center Blocks (Intel DCB). These fully-validated, unbranded server systems include Intel's latest Data Center technology – already optimized to work better together – allowing partners to accelerate time to market with reliable data center solutions. The process of configuring and validating the components of solutions that are tuned to meet specific customer requirements is a complex and resource-intensive process. Intel Data Center Blocks based on the S2600WF family can help reduce this complexity, making it easier to build innovative server solutions that can support the demands of today’s data center workloads. To address customer security concerns and guard against counterfeiting and malware, the S2600WF family features the Intel Transparent Supply Chain which enables the ability to verify the authenticity of board components and firmware. Features include:
  • Digitally signed statement of conformance
  • Platform certificates provided with a secured firmware Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Server component data tracked and saved for 20 years
  • Firmware load verification
Intel Server Products are backed by Intel’s design excellence and manufacturing expertise to deliver processing power with high levels of flexibility, manageability, and reliability. Product and design quality is paired with three-year standard warranties and robust technical and incident resolution support to ensure customer satisfaction.


Problems that the product solves

Aging IT infrastructure


Improve Customer Service

Characteristics (Rack server)

Number of models


Form factor

1U, 2U



Processor family

Xeon Scalable, Xeon E3


up to 1,5 TB

Total storage capacity


Number of Hard Drives

up to 28

RAID support


Number of PSU

1, additional power supply supported

Power of PSU

up to 1300W

OEM Software



3 years

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