Problems that solves

Low employee productivity

Poor communication and coordination among staff

Employee retention


Enhance Staff Productivity

Appraise and Train Staff

Enhance Competitive Ability


Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work.


Lessonly is a cloud-based learning management system that allows users to build, share and track training materials and activity from a singular interface. It is primarily used by customer service teams, sales teams, and human resources. Lessonly is compatible with mobile devices and tablets, making the system accessible on-the-go.

Lessonly can be customized to match a company’s look by incorpating their logo, colors, and a personalized URL. Users can create unlimited courses and lessons, utlizing text, images, audio, video, and more. Adding individual learners and groups to specific assignments can be achieved with just a few mouse clicks; through a due date feature, notifications are sent by email to ensure courses are completed in time.
A support team is on hand to help with questions via live chat, email and phone calls during their regular business hours (EST); they also offer implementation services for new clients.

Overview of Lessonly benefits

  • Create quickly with our drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Include text, images, videos, documents, quiz questions, SCORM and more.
  • Put learners first with a simple, mobile-friendly experience.
  • Target training and assign lessons and training paths to individuals, specific teams, or your entire company.
  • Empower your team to hone skills with Practice.
  • Create feedback loops with frontline teammates to highlight what's working and deliver effective coaching.
  • Measure and continuously imporve team training with our complete reporting solution.
  • Integrate training into your tech stack to simplify learning.
  • Capture And Share Work Knowledge
Lessonly permits businesses and their teams easily capture work knowledge and make it accessible and available for their employees. Whether such work knowledge and information is stored in Work documents, Powerpoints, or comes from the heads of their teams, it can be accessed by employees anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Users can also create courses and lessons, and update them in just a few minutes. As they are able to capture and share work knowledge and information that way, team leaders and top-performing employees are empowered to share their best practices.

  • Create Lessons With Any Content

Different types of content can be created within Lessonly, as users prepare training courses and learning materials for their teams and employees. They will be able to educate and train their employees using texts, images, videos, embeds, quiz questions, and other content which contains interactive elements.

  • Automated Learning Paths

In order for employees to easily consume the content of training materials and learning resources, Lessonly allows the creation of automated learning paths. In general, learning paths are made up of sequences of courses that let learners master topics step by step. This approach is applied by the software to guide employees as they take up their lessons and courses.

  • Smart Groups

Interestingly, learning paths that are built in Lessonly can work with another feature of the software called Smart Group. Smart Group lets users automatically add their employees and teammates to specific groups they set up. With this feature, employees will be able to access the right lessons and courses for them at the right time. Since learning paths can be paired with Smart Groups, users can create and customize learning paths based on employee groups.

  • Reduce Ramp Time

Lessonly assists businesses and teams in reducing ramp time. Ramp time refers to the time it takes for employees to start being productive at their jobs since the time they got hired. As much as possible, businesses and companies want to decrease ramp time so that their employees can become productive and competitive as quickly as they can.
To achieve this, Lessonly helps employees learn through practice, repetition, and feedback. For instance, they can answer quiz questions so their team leaders can test whether they are able to understand the lesson or course, and retain key concepts or information. Team leaders will also be able to use real-life scenarios for practices.

  • Measure And Drive Greater Productivity

Lessonly lets users track the engagement, performance, and productivity of their teams and employees. This way, they can assess if their employees are applying what they’ve learned from the training materials. The software can be integrated with their existing workflows and applications such as Salesforce and Slack. As a result, learning can be achieved much easier. Also, Lessonly enables them to access metrics with regards to the performance of their teams and individual employees.

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