Milestone XProtect Enterprise

Problems that solves

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Employee personal use of corporate IT during working hours

No control over implementation


Reduce Costs

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Improve Customer Service

Milestone XProtect Enterprise

XProtect Enterprise is ideal for large-scale and multi-site areas that need video surveillance, like harbors and train stations.


Milestone XProtect Enterprise is an advanced software product that created on the principles of an open platform and designed to manage IP video surveillance systems. The product is focused on medium and large objects. Milestone XProtect is a highly efficient scalable video surveillance system that has very large set of its own functions and the ability to integrate with third-party products. In the XProtect line, there are solutions for both home systems - free and complex distributed systems for complex objects, such as: airports, municipal video surveillance systems, enterprises with branches in different cities. XProtect Enterprise has configuration wizards and autodiscovery devices that simplify the installation of large systems. A multi-layer interactive map provides situational awareness in distributed systems. Effective alarm management and unique navigation system is ideal for users who need to monitor complex objects. Thanks to the MIP SDK package, XProtect Enterprise systems have a very high integration potential. XProtect Essential is the software with support for up to 8 free cameras. Since the free version has no restrictions on the amount and time of data storage, we can say that at the moment on the video surveillance market this software is the most functional of free products. Entry level software. Suitable for home, office and small businesses. XProtect Express. This version of the product is optimized for small businesses, retail chains, parking lots, where integration with various applications or analytics can be useful. This is a single-server version of the product - best suited for places where all cameras are installed within the same territory. Supports the inclusion of up to 48 cameras. Economically attractive software for small businesses that need video analytics systems. XProtect Professional is a multi-server version of software that has no restrictions on the number of recording servers and connected cameras. Best suited for medium-sized objects: shopping and office centers, museums, large educational institutions where more than 48 cameras are required. It supports the configuration of interactive multi-level maps with an indication of the installation location of cameras, which allows you to graphically display the location of cameras. Ideal for medium-sized enterprises, especially for those who need to link the video sequence to the camera installation location — a map with camera placement. XProtect Expert is a more advanced version of the video surveillance system in the XProtect lineup, compared to earlier versions. Created on the basis of the Corporate core, which allows you to build a multiserver video surveillance system. This architecture makes it possible to more efficiently process video data with less hardware. This version contains the following features: Smart Wall (optional), EdgeStorage, multi-layered maps, event management. Ideal for systems with high demands for online monitoring and data analysis. Ideal software for medium and large objects that need centralized management: stadiums, warehouses, etc. XProtect Corporate is the most powerful and most functional version of IP video surveillance in the XProtect lineup. The main feature of this version is that it supports Federated Architecture, which allows you to build a complex multi-level video surveillance system with a main server based on XProtect Corporate and installed in other places local independent video surveillance systems, also built on the basis of XProtect Corporate. Ideal for building a municipal video surveillance system or, for example, for a group of enterprises with local XProtect Corporate systems with a single monitoring center at the main office. Support for Interconnect technology makes it possible to connect to the main server not only Corporate level systems, but also younger versions, which allows you to significantly save finances and increases the flexibility of building a unified video surveillance system. This version in the database includes the Smart Wall function. Developed for large geographically distributed objects and for objects with a high degree of security: airports, municipal video surveillance systems.

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