Milestone Xprotect Professional Plus

Problems that solves

Insufficient risk management

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Poor communication and coordination among staff


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Ensure Compliance

Manage Risks

Enhance Staff Productivity

Milestone Xprotect Professional Plus

Milestone XProtect® Professional: The ideal video management software for mid-sized installations


Designed for mid-sized security installations covering multiple buildings, servers or locations, the XProtect Professional Series is an IP video management software (VMS) supporting an unrestricted number of cameras and servers. This Series is optimized for companies that need to identify and respond to incidents quickly and is ideal for institutions such as schools, museums, hospitals and production plants.

Key benefits:

  • Complete visual overview of the entire installation so you can respond to incidents quickly
  • Stay on top of your security with anywhere, anytime access to your video
  • Integrate third-party software and business applications into your security system

XProtect Professional+

XProtect Professional+ expands on the capabilities of Professional and includes the ability for operators to centrally manage all servers, cameras and users in a multi- site installation. It’s built with innovative technology designed to save you money and boost the overall performance of your hardware.

Choose XProtect Professional+ if you need:


  • To connect more than 320 cameras per recording server.
  • To centrally manage multiple servers spread over multiple sites.
  • To take advantage of the latest technology, such as H.265 compression, 4K and UHD cameras.
  • To add an extra layer of redundancy on recordings with Edge Storage.
  • To take advantage of hardware accelerated video decoding for increased system performance and lower total cost of ownership

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 Scheme of work

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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief IT Security Officer

IT Security and Risk Management

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