mySugr App


Problems that solves

Low quality of customer service

High costs

Low quality of customer support

No support for mobile and remote users


Reduce Costs

Enhance Competitive Ability

Manage Risks

Increase Customer Base

Improve Customer Service

mySugr App

Use the mySugr app in your daily routine and make your diabetes therapy much easier!


The mySugr app is your reliable companion to monitor and manage your diabetes right on your smartphone. Blood sugar and food tracking, medication logging, estimated HbA1c and more. mySugr is well-loved by over 2 million registered users with an average rating of 4.6 stars!

See what you can do with mySugr App

Personalized logging screen

Organize the app the way it suits you better. Remove or add fields that you need.

Clear blood glucose graphs

Recognize at one glance how much your glucose is fluctuating and adjust your therapy.

Smart Search of patterns

Find what happens every time you eat pizza at a certain hour.

Estimated HbA1C

See your estimated HbA1c at a glance and track it. No more surprises.

Insulin Dose Estimation

Calculate your precise insulin need. Check available countries, but we are soon releasing in more places.

Private data safe backup

We encrypt your info in protected servers, secured with assured TÜV standards.


  • Create entries. Important therapy data like meals, meds, blood sugars, and more.
  • 24-hour Overview. Everything at a glance on the first screen. No hassle for basic info.
  • Estimated HbA1c. Have no more surprises with an estimated HbA1c, right on the top.
  • PDF reports. Perfect for doctor appointments and can be emailed from the app.
  • Detailed analysis. The analysis screens provide an efficient way to work through the data.