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Low speed of report generation

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Low employee productivity

Low quality of customer support


Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Increase Customer Base

Support Financial Management


Решение Oracle FLEXCUBE предназначено для финансовых учреждений и предлагает клиентоориентированные основные банковские функции, функции интернет-обслуживания и управления частным капиталом.


The financial services industry continues to evolve amidst disruption caused by an unprecedented proliferation of digital technologies and connectivity. This disruption coupled with several regulatory directives is also driving the emergence of connected ecosystems. To successfully address disruption, protect their customer relationships and business, effectively comply with regulations, stay competitive and leverage the ecosystem opportunity, banks must double down on transforming their systems so that they can leverage digital technologies and connectivity to deliver better services, experiences and value for their customers. With technology at the core of banking, modernization of core systems is the cornerstone of digital transformation in a bank. Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking can help banks jumpstart digital transformation and leapfrog their capabilities to stay relevant, competitive and compliant in a fast evolving industry. With its modern, digital, shrink-wrapped, pre-configured, interoperable, scalable and connected capabilities, Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking can help catapult banks to the fore front of digital innovation and leadership.
Banks can transform the way they understand customers, develop new products and services, focus on new business lines, initiatives and deliver engaging experiences across multiple digital channels.
Oracle FLEXCUBE offers:
  • Multi-channel, multi-device and multi-vendor access coupled with best-in-class functionality that helps banks offer innovative services and frictionless experiences.
  • Multi-dimensional views of customer data to enable a deeper understanding of customers as individuals and helps banks offer personalized services and experiences that are highly contextual and relevant.
  • Mobility, service ubiquity and experience that drives stakeholder convenience.
Key Business Benefits:
  • Offers business mobility, service experience, ubiquity and customer centricity
  • Drives growth through customer centricity
  • Enables an accelerated time-tomarket
  • Enables customized transformation using best of breed point or pre-integrated solutions
  • Has a connected architecture that enables collaboration
  • Enables Open Banking and API monetization
  • Offers operational and cost efficiencies from automated decisioning

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 Scheme of work

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