Parasoft SOAtest

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Parasoft SOAtest

The industry's best API and UI functional testing solution


Parasoft SOAtest helps cut through the complexity of testing omni/multi-channel applications. It extends API testing with automation and mitigates the cost of re-work by proactively adjusting your library of tests as services change.


From a single intuitive interface, Parasoft SOAtest automates end-to-end test scenarios across multiple layers and a variety of endpoints (i.e. mobile, REST APIs, SOAP services, databases, Web UIs, ESBs, or mainframes). SOAtest reduces the time it takes to create and execute data-driven test scenarios by providing a visual test-creation mechanism to handle common testing challenges like complex assertions, looping, data extraction, or data generation. Its Smart API Test Generator creates complete API test scenarios for you using artificial intelligence. Use SOAtest to reduce test maintainability problems by proactively adjusting your tests as APIs change, and integrate SOAtest into your Continuous Delivery pipeline to ensure that your applications have an acceptable level of risk.


Parasoft LoadTest takes the tests from SOAtest and runs them under load to validate your application’s performance under stress. It verifies that your services meet specific quality-of-service metrics and shows you where performance bottlenecks exist. Load and performance testing can be fully automated and run continuously, enabling constant validation and providing immediate feedback on the impact of change against SLAs.


Parasoft SOAtest helps teams prevent security vulnerabilities through API penetration testing and execution of complex authentication, encryption, and access control test scenarios. By leveraging already-existing functional tests for security scenarios, teams can approach security testing earlier, and address critical security defects before they are buried deep in the release.


  • API Testing. Best-in-class API testing with intuitive, easy-to-use tooling and the broadest support for message formats and protocols
  • Load and Performance Testing. Leverage automated functional tests to easily manage load and performance testing.
  • Microservices Testing. Create automated functional and performance tests for your microservices
  • Web UI Testing. Easily manage web UI tests - no scripting is required.
  • Mobile Testing. Integrate mobile testing into your continuous testing strategy
  • Security Testing. Make automated penetration testing part of your automated CI process
  • Test Data Management. Parasoft's modern approach to test data management leverages a self-service interface with visual diagramming to load test data into your API tests
  • Test Orchestration & Reuse. A web interface for test orchestration enables the whole team to create, access, and execute tests directly from their browser
  • Reporting & Analytics. Aggregate test results from all of your functional testing disciplines in an easy-to-understand, centralized dashboard