Problems that solves

No automated business processes

Unstructured data

Lengthy production timelines

High costs of routine operations

Low speed of report generation


Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Reduce Costs

Reduce Production Timelines

Enhance Competitive Ability


PLANBAR is the comprehensive solution for high-quality, industrialised precast parts design. From series production right up to complex architectural elements. Quick, efficient, error-free.


PLANBAR offers an ideal and unique synthe-sis  of  model-  and  drawing-based  work. 
  • Unique synthesis for model-based and drawing-based working, 3D as simple as 2D
  • Reliable data provision for production
  • Efficient design of highly complex components
  • Consistent data transfer
  • Automated creation of Shop Drawings
The  Elementplan  module  solves  the  problem  of  automatically creating production documents from  a  model  with  geometry  and  reinforcement. This lets you work on the Shop Drawing and automatically  adjusts  the  3D  model  in  the  background,  where  PLANBAR  automatically  ensures  that  the  model  and  drawing  remain  consistent. Production  documents  will  always  be  important. This is why we continue to focus on perfect,  mostly  automatic  document  preparation. The  design  of  reinforcement  is  a  true highlight in PLANBAR and will optimally  support  you  during  the  design  and  production  processes  of all types of precast parts. In this regard, PLANBAR  automatically  creates reinforcement   in   accordance   with your specifications. Round steel, reinforcing    mesh, mesh stirrup and cages are available in  catalogues  and  can  be  quickly  tailored to specific characteristics. Policies such  as hook length,    bending roll diameters and anchorage  lengths  can  be  easily  adapted to country-specific requirements.   The   reinforcement   automatically interacts with fixtures and production restrictions. Required production data can then be  automatically  transferred  to  the  system  or  the  master  computer.  PLANBAR also impresses with maximum   precision   and   flexibi-lity   in   reinforcement   production. In  PLANBAR,  you  can  design  any  type  of  reinforcement  with  simple  or complex bending forms. During  the  design  phase,  you  can  already verify whether the reinforcement   can   actually be  produced. This significantly increases produc-tivity  and  the  production  speed  of  your manufacturing process. With its higher efficiency, PLANBAR therefore sup-ports you in smooth production.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work