SAS Cost and Profitability Management
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SAS Cost and Profitability Management



PitchSAS Cost and Profitability Management (the new name for SAS Activity-Based Management) is an analytic application that determines cost and profitability by modeling business processes as cost flows among accounts. Typical accounts include resource, activity, and cost-object accounts. Cost flows between accounts are modeled by various kinds of drivers including evenly-assigned, percentage, and calculated drivers. With this solution, organizations can make informed decisions that streamline processes, deliver revenue growth and reduce costs across the organization.

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SAS Cost and Profitability Management is an analytic application that models business processes to accurately determine process, product and customer cost and profitability. With this solution, you can make informed decisions to streamline processes, deliver revenue growth and reduce costs across the organization. Benefits Evolve the way you do business. Gain insights into cost accumulation in a way that management, marketing and operations personnel – not just finance experts – can understand and act on. Tie financial results and KPIs to strategy by measuring profitability at the division, department, channel and individual product and customer levels. Manage shared service cost allocations. Get a more accurate reflection of true costs and profitability by managing how shared service costs and IT chargebacks get allocated to products, customers, channels and services. Create more accurate budgets and workforce plans. Improve processes by identifying activities that don’t add value. Identify cost bottlenecks, rework and non-value-added activity. Use what-if analysis to model and simulate how changes in driver volumes affect costs, profit and resource requirements. Understand the effects of cost and process variations on performance. High-performance in-memory modeling quickly identifies issues and provides insight into weak links in the supply chain, underutilized capacity and opportunities for cross sell and up sell. Complex models that used to take hours or overnight to update can now be run in a fraction of the time. Features Cost and profitability measurement Modeling Analysis and reporting Data integration


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