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High costs of routine operations

No support for mobile and remote users

Failure to attract new customers


Enhance Competitive Ability

Reduce Costs


Online platform that designs and creates presentations on demand with user provided content.


Slidebean is a free web-based presentation tool that lets users create powerful presentations with just a few clicks.

By separating the content creation from the slide design, Slidebean allows users to focus on what matters most while taking care of everything else automatically. Slidebean is a tool that makes it easier for presenters to create professional-looking slides by taking care of the design element. The software is a collection of design templates, selection of premium fonts and high-end color palettes that help define the overall design of presentations. The easy-to-use interface requires presentations to just enter the content and takes care of the rest. This allows users with even zero design skills to create impressive slides and is particularly suitable for small-medium businesses that don’t have designers required to create rich presentations. Slidebean is a good alternative to PowerPoint and Keynote and offers many features required to effortlessly create professional presentations. The software includes everything presenters need to get the job done, including professional icons, photos, charts and more. Ease-of-use and availability of professional, ready-made templates makes Slidebean a good alternative to other traditional presentation software. It takes care of the design element and offers seamless online collaboration. The presentations are kept in sync without user intervention and can be shared with anyone using device of their choice, including smartphones, tablets and PCs. It saves time and effort required in creating presentations from scratch by providing dozens of ready-made templates created by professionals. The purpose-built templates ensure that the presentation is relevant and matches requirements of businesses. Being a cloud-based solution, Slidebean can be embedded easily with websites using a simple HTML script without requiring any additional plugins or installation. The software is also compatible with any operating system as all it requires to work is a modern browser and internet connectivity. Better compatibility also means that the presentations will look the same regardless of the device being used. Users do not need to install any additional software in order to make Slidebean work as it’s based on HTML5 and Javascript. The presentations can easily be exported into PDF and PPT formats so that they are available even when there the internet is not available. A smartphone can be used as a remote control to control presentation flow without any additional software. This makes it easier to manage presentations without any hassle. All a presenter needs to get the job done is to select from pre-filled decks, which also serve as Content Templates, while the content placeholders can also be replaced easily. The software features all the elements needed to easily create professional slides, including title, text, bullets, quotes, images, fill, icons, videos, charts, tables and more.

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