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The world's largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint content.


SlideTeam, the world’s largest provider of PowerPoint templates with 1 million+ slides and counting, has been the go-to resource for marketing and sales professionals, managers, teachers and lawyers, and companies of all sizes. 83% of Fortune 500 companies bank on SlideTeam’s robust collection of PowerPoint slides to create winning PowerPoint presentations.

From fully editable presentation diagrams like funnels, roadmaps, timelines, puzzle pieces, circular and linear diagrams to fully customizable world maps and icons, SlideTeam offers it all in one place. SlideTeam has gone one step further to bring about a revolution in the PowerPoint templates industry. Businesses and professionals often face a severe time crunch to plan the structure of their presentation, find a relevant template for each slide and compile all slides into one deck. This often takes hours which they cannot afford. SlideTeam resolves this pain point. Its team of researchers, comprising subject matter experts and PowerPoint specialists, pick up the most demanded decks on industry processes, brainstorm and plan the right outline of the presentation, and then design high-quality template for each slide. All that customers now have to do is download the ready-made deck, add their content and present it before the audience in mere minutes. SlideTeam has already rolled out 1000+ highly researched and professionally designed complete PowerPoint presentations and the customers are loving these decks. Downloading templates will help save time but searching for a template topic by topic and then compiling them into one deck takes its own sweet time too. To help presenters facing such a time crunch, SlideTeam has rolled out end-to-end PowerPoint decks on each industry process, be it business strategy, project scoping, project budgeting, financial planning, segmentation targeting and positioning, new product development, operational planning, change management, and many more. Features of these decks:
  •     Topic-driven, a bundle of 30-80 editable PPT templates covering each aspect of the topic
  •     Content researched by subject matter experts
  •     Presentation outline follows industry standards and extensive topic research
  •     High quality, editable PPT templates designed by PowerPoint designers
  •     Consistent design across all slides for a smooth flow
  •     Excel-linked, data-driven PPT charts and graphs (adjust automatically as per customer data)
  •     Includes a corporate cover template, section-headers, and text slides
  •     Download available in both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  •     Works with Google Slides

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