SoSafe Awareness Platform

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Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

Shortage of inhouse IT engineers

High costs of IT personnel


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Ensure Security and Business Continuity

SoSafe Awareness Platform

Get to know our awareness-building solution now and get your employees fit to deal with cyber threats and IT security risks


If users click on one of our simulated phishing emails or enter data into a fake login page, they will be taken to a learning page with user specific information. Our cyber security trainings are completely anonymous and spread over the year, so that users are continuously trained. Depending on the package, our e-learning includes up to 20 entertaining modules as well as various awareness videos and is designed in a practical and interactive manner. Each module contains concrete recommendations for action and ends with a final quiz. The content can optionally be adapted to your context and is also available as a SCORM file for your existing LMS, incl. ongoing updates. With our ‘Customization Engine’ all elements of our learning platform will be tailored to your specific policies as well as your corporate branding – at the click of a button. With our reporting plug-in for Office 365 or Outlook 2016, suspicious emails can easily and quickly be reported to the right place. This strengthens the reporting culture in your company and relieves IT support. If the users have passed all obligatory modules, individual certificates can be created automatically. We also offer other offline materials such as posters, screensavers, etc. You can use our reporting dashboard to view all important KPIs such as click or login rates at any time. You can also, for example, identify the most successful psychological tactics, analyze user feedback or create an ISO27001-compliant reporting. Clear advantages No installation necessary SoSafe is a completely cloud-based service. You do not need any installation or system integration into existing systems. Predefined templates allow you to start simulations immediately. Automated Workflow SoSafe performs the simulations automatically, communicates with your employees and generates a report. You do not need any dedicated internal resources. Guaranteed data protection Your data and the data of your employees are stored encrypted and the simulation is completely anonymous. Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is guaranteed at all times. Made in Germany SoSafe is developed entirely in Germany and runs exclusively on German servers. All content (such as phishing templates) of our German-language mails is tailored to companies in D-A-CH.