Specops Software Key Recovery

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Shortage of inhouse software developers

Shortage of inhouse IT resources

High costs of IT personnel

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Specops Software Key Recovery

Flexible Security For Your Peace of Mind


Specops Key Recovery is a self-service solution for unlocking computers encrypted by BitLocker and Symantec Endpoint Encryption. A user who is locked out at the pre-boot authentication screen can use Specops Key Recovery to unlock their computer, without calling the helpdesk. For added security, users are verified with multi-factor authentication before receiving a recovery key. The solution supports a number of authentication factors, including Symantec VIP and Mobile Code. Self-service for BitLocker BitLocker lockouts can be caused by hardware changes or occur when working remotely. When a lockout is triggered, the user must call the helpdesk for a recovery password, and use it to unlock their computer. To verify the user, the helpdesk will commonly use security questions, which are prone to social engineering. Specops Key Recovery reduces calls to the helpdesk, and increases security. The solution verifies users with multi-factor authentication so they can receive a recovery key. Self-service for Symantec Endpoint Encryption Symantec Endpoint Encryption lockouts occur when a user forgets their password or changes their password while working remotely. If the user has forgotten the old password they will need to contact the helpdesk for a recovery key every time they restart their computer. When combined with our self-service password reset solution, Specops Key Recovery can update the cached credentials, triggering a re-encryption with the new password. This will allow the user to authenticate with their new password, even if they are outside the corporate network. MFA with pre-enrollment With Specops Key Recovery administrators can enroll users for multi-factor authentication without requiring users to do this themselves. This is possible with identity services that have identifier information stored in Active Directory, such as Symantec VIP, Mobile Code, and Manager Identification. The enrollment information can also be used for self-service password reset, allowing users to manage their passwords in a secure way.