Subscriber Network Analytics Technology
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Subscriber Network Analytics Technology



PitchSubscriber Network Analytics Technology gives the operator an opportunity to analyze the experience of the subscriber network in a unique way. It uses CDRs (Call Detail Records) as the main input for data analysis, cross-references to network counters, KPIs, GIS, network configurations and policy rules. It defines subscriber behavior patterns and usage, service interruption and bad connection quality - no other SON solution or the current network performance system is able to do this. This analytical technology provides mobile operators and MNVOs with valuable information about the experience of their subscribers, and also provides higher quality of service for several technologies.

Product features


Analysis of CDR data that determines the nature of use and reconstructs calls and data flows Patented methods for analyzing call reconstruction and data flow sessions for the entire subscriber base. When networked data is used using certain templates, two types of profiles are created: - network profiles to accurately identify performance issues and opportunities to improve labeling - subscriber profiles that enrich the CEM and application systems Profile data has feedback from the network through OSS interfaces, providing recommendations for a closed and open loop. This ensures that the network is continuously optimized based on the dynamic needs and experience of the subscribers. User profiles contain a huge amount of information of individual and group level - phones, routes, places, information about roaming, and much more. All this is available in powerful dashboard formats, and can also be used to inform external applications.

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