Problems that solves

High costs

No support for mobile and remote users

Low quality of customer support

Customer attrition


Reduce Costs

Improve Customer Service

Enhance Competitive Ability


Video medicine software for behavioral health and tele-psychiatry


swyMed’s is built for the real world. We know that you don’t always have a fiber network available, and even if you did, you need to share it across the organization. So we developed our software to deliver the best possible audio and video for whatever level of bandwidth is available, from 60 kbps to 4 Mbps. We developed our software so you could go mobile and the software would manage the the jitter and latency in the network.


swyMed’s patented software overcomes traditional connectivity issues to enable medical professionals to treat and monitor patients from anywhere through real-time video.

Our patented data transport protocol enables us to deliver exceptional-quality audio and video where most other video software platforms can’t maintain a connection. Our development team created new ways to connect, stay connected, stay synced and recover from network errors on lossy, jittery and high latency networks.

Exceptional ROI

swyMed’s DOT Telemedicine Backpack delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any video telemedicine solution on the market today.

Side-by-side comparisons with other vendors’ solutions show savings up to 60%. swyMed delivers both immediate savings due to lower start-up costs and long-term savings built on improved patient outcomes and reduced readmissions. The ability to expand your catchment area through telemedicine builds patient relationships, increases referrals and ultimately enhances revenue.


swyMed’s software is simple to use, with an intuitive click to call interface.

We’ve built enterprise class software using an ISO 9001 framework so that your organization, from IT to end users, can think less about technology and more about delivering patient care.

  • Manageable — user group profiles, web-based management console
  • Extensible — Our free SDK and open APIs allow you to easily integrate and/or customize the swyMed platform to adapt or complement existing workflows.
  • Secure — HITRUST-certified data centers, AES256 strong encryption on every session
  • Flexible — White label and on premise options
  • Interoperable — push/pull from HL7 compliant EMRs, collaborate with PACS systems, integrate with Active Directory, and traditional video conferencing devices

Customer proven

TODAY, the swyMed software platform is being used on four continents by professionals for thousands of real-time video telemedicine encounters.