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PitchKubernetes security and compliance for secure DevOps workloads

Product features


Embed security and validate compliance With daily updates in a Kubernetes environment, it’s easy for new vulnerabilities to be introduced and applications to fall out of compliance. It can take days or weeks to detect and respond to container specific attacks, leaving your company open to data breaches and compliance fines. Teams don’t know how to get started easily with existing tools and struggle to plug them into their DevOps workflow. Ultimately, security and compliance can slow down application delivery. Built for Kubernetes and Container Security You need to automate and merge security and compliance into the DevOps workflow. Your tool of choice should provide core workflows that address security requirements across all stages of the Kubernetes lifecycle while integrating with your existing tools. Sysdig Secure Sysdig Secure embeds Kubernetes security and compliance into the build, run, and respond stages of the application lifecycle. Now, you can identify vulnerabilities, check compliance, block threats, and respond faster. This is powered by the open-source cloud native runtime security project called Falco. Features:
  • Image Scanning. Scan container images in the CI/CD pipeline and block vulnerabilities before they reach production.
  • Compliance. Validate compliance against standards like PCI, NIST, and SOC2 across the lifecycle of containers and Kubernetes
  • Runtime Security. Detect and block attacks, combining deep visibility into system calls with Kubernetes metadata, labels, and audit events.
  • Forensics and Audit. Record a snapshot of pre- and post-attack activity through system calls.

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