Temenos T24 Transact
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Temenos T24 Transact



PitchTemenos T24 Transact is the most complete core banking product leveraging the most advanced cloud-native banking technology.

Product features


Temenos T24 Transact takes the deep and extensive banking capabilities of Temenos T24 Core Banking, the world’s #1 core banking product which for 25 years has been supporting over 700 banks across all banking segments, and re-platforms them onto a new, cloud-native and cloud-agnostic platform. The isolation of the banking functionality from the technology platform has been a hallmark of Temenos products and has allowed Temenos for the past 25 years to remain the most technologically advanced and functionally rich product in the world. How Temenos T24 Transact helps Temenos T24 Transact is a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API-first core banking solution which offers:
  • Rapid and elastic scale benefiting from the highest levels of security and multi-cloud resilience, generating up to 10x in infrastructure savings
  • Advanced API-first technology coupled with leading design-led thinking and continuous deployment to empower banks to rapidly innovate, connecting to ecosystems and enabling developers to build in the morning and consume in the afternoon
  • Broad and deep functional coverage across Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Wealth Management sectors
  • Zero risk of obsolescence resulting from the industry-leading ongoing investment into the product which is made available to customers through a regular release and upgrade program
  • Ability to deploy software on-premise as well as on private and public clouds.

Problems that the product solves

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Shortage of information for decision making

IT infrastructure does not meet business tasks

Aging IT infrastructure

High costs


Reduce Costs

Ensure Compliance

Generate Business Reports

Support Financial Management

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