Problems that solves

No control over data access

High costs of routine operations

No control over the state of communication channels

No support for mobile and remote users

Separate communications channels

Low employee productivity

Low speed of report generation

Poor communication and coordination among staff

No control over implementation


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Reduce Production Timelines

Manage and Control Staff


Accelerate business performance with content enablement. Templafy is a cloud-based content management system suitable for all industries.


 Templafy allows users to manage and update digital assets through a single interface and sends alerts when content is updated.

Users can upload digital assets to a cloud-based library for employee use. Content is searchable and can be delivered automatically based on user actions. Updates to branding and content are accessible as soon as they are uploaded. Users are alerted if templates have changed when opening older files. Templafy tracks how frequently assets are used, and permissions controls allow administrators to determine who can access and edit content. The software is designed to work on mobile devices. Templafy’s interface can also be customized to match company branding. Templafy integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 360, SharePoint, One Drive and Google Drive. With Templafy, companies can maintain a consistent look across different communication materials, whether it is presentations, contracts, letters, or emails. Managing content and digital assets are also simplified by Templafy. With the software, administrators can put document templates together in one location and update it from there. Any existing digital asset management software companies can be integrated seamlessly with Templafy, allowing any previously approved content and templates to appear in the Templafy task pane that will be present in their office applications. Global B2B brands like Maersk, SDC, and Capgemini use Templafy and find it convenient, especially because it adapts to the needs of businesses, whatever size it may be or whatever industry it is in. Whether it is the human resource department, IT department, legal department, sales and marketing department, or administration, Templafy makes sure documents are consistent with the latest company content. With Templafy, marketing managers can instantly update brand assets and document templates, even without the assistance of the IT team. Employees can increase their productivity as Templafy takes best practices and uses it to streamline document creation workflows. Finally, IT teams can easily introduce a document template strategy that the whole company can adopt. This template will even be accessible across multiple operating systems, browsers, devices, and apps.

Scheme of work

 Scheme of work