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Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a highly functional, versatile and robust WordPress LMS plugin to create courses and sell them online.


Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that simplifies complex course creation process by providing user-friendly avenues. It includes a drag & drop course builder & an advanced quiz creator with 10 question types. It has useful addons like multi-instructor, reports, assignment, course prerequisite, certificates, email, course preview & more! WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads integration allows multiple payment gateways.

Track course performance, share revenue & purchase history with Tutor LMS. Tutor LMS comes with a number of addons like course prerequisites, course preview, certificates, multi-instructors, multimedia attachments and more. Communication is made easy with custom mail templates, allowing admins to communicate with both instructors and students. The dedicated dashboard lets students and instructors monitor all course-related data. Tutor LMS focuses on the entire lifecycle of course creation starting from publishing, monetizing, administering to course management.

Key Features of Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS comes with comprehensive features to allow you to create engaging online courses. Some of its core features are:
  • Frontend Course Builder
One of the primary solutions that educators seek from an LMS is the ease of use and a built-in feature list to choose from. While creating online courses, you obviously do not want to sit and create a list of features first, which takes a lot of time.
Tutor LMS caters to all such needs, with its revolutionary WordPress Frontend Course Builder where you can drag and drop the course builder. Just drag and drop useful items in the course, and they become ready to be published. The course builder also has a user-friendly interface and plenty of customization options to make the course creation process much easier for you. Instructors can see how their course looks in the live site without having to go backend.
  • Advanced Quiz Creator
One reason behind the success of any online course is the level of engagement it can garner from its targeted audience. The more you can engage learners with your course, the better the learning experience they will have. A quiz is one common course element that you can utilize to enhance user engagement.
Tutor LMS comes with a cutting-edge quiz creator to allow you to add quizzes to your online courses. You can choose the quiz type and get full control over the quiz settings, where you can limit the number of attempts and answering time.
  • Simplified eLearning Management
After the successful course creation, course management is the next big thing that you need to work on. It requires the chosen LMS plugin to give you the settings control over diverse aspects of online courses. With Tutor LMS, you can stay on top of everything related to the course you offer. It makes managing your eLearning platform much easier. You can do the following with this LMS:
  1. Add as many online courses as you want through this WordPress LMS plugin.
  2. Include one or more instructors to a course after reviewing their profiles.
  3. Set course prerequisites that learners must complete before proceeding to a new course.
  4. Award professionally designed certificates to the learners after they complete the course.
  5. Make the students ask a question to their instructors via the student forum.
  • Insightful Course Reports and Analytics
Continuing to offer a course that does not attract a significant number of learners does no good to the educators or educational institutes. To analyze course performance, you need in-depth details that showcase various insights related to the course.
The insightful course analytics available with Tutor LMS is enough to give you a complete overview of courses, enrolments, reviews, quiz attempts, and much else. You can use its filtrable stats to modify the learning material offered through your courses. You can also:
  1. Maintain content security by giving authorized-only content access to the students
  2. Upload files to courses for enrolled students only
  3. Allow the users to set their password and reset it if they forget it
  4. On the front end, learners can also track their performance by checking out active courses, complete courses, and results in the dashboard.

List of Tutor LMS Pro Add-ons

Tutor LMS software also comes with 8+ premium add-ons to add more functionalities to the eLearning platform. These include:
  • Tutor Course Attachments. It can be used to include class materials in documents and make them available for download to the students
  • Tutor Course Preview. It is meant to offer a few courses on trial to interested learners before they enroll in a course
  • Tutor Certificate. This add-on helps you offer well-designed certification to students after course completion.
  • Tutor Email. Using this add-on, you can automate sending various emails for course enrolment, course completion, and others to both teachers and students.
  • Tutor Multi-instructors. With the help of this pro add-on, you can add multiple instructors to individual courses.
  • Tutor Reports. This pro add-on provides powerful stats about course performance to analyze and improve the course content.
  • Tutor Prerequisites. Create prerequisites by defining a set of courses that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course.
  • Tutor Assignments. Create and give assignments to students so that they can submit easily with a number of useful settings to assess students smartly.

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