Veriato Cerebral

Problems that solves

No control over data access

Inability to forecast execution timelines

No IT security guidelines

Unauthorized access to corporate IT systems and data

Poor timing of management decision making

Risk or Leaks of confidential information

Employee personal use of corporate IT during working hours

IT infrastructure downtimes

Low employee productivity

HR management

Risk of data loss or damage

Risk of lost access to data and IT systems

Non-compliant with IT security requirements

Lengthy production timelines

Complex and non-transparent business processes

Shortage of information for decision making

Insufficient risk management

High costs

No control over implementation

Decentralization of management

Low speed of report generation


Reduce Costs

Enhance Staff Productivity

Ensure Security and Business Continuity

Reduce Production Timelines

Support Decision Making

Ensure Compliance

Generate Business Reports

Enhance Competitive Ability

Centralize management

Veriato Cerebral

Cerebral AI-Driven Insider Threat Detection - Protect Your Valuable Data User Behavior Analytics + User Activity Monitoring.


Stop Reacting to Threats & Start Hunting Them Integrated & Intelligent Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) with User Activity Monitoring (UAM), allowing rapid Data Breach Response (DBR). The ability to hunt threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s attitude and behavioral patterns, allows you to move your security posture from reactive to proactive. Unlike network monitoring or document tracking, Cerebral immediately alerts you to who is exhibiting signs of risk, shows you related screenshots so that you can immediately determine the true nature of the incident. This visibility empowers your IT security team to rapidly take action (with 100% confidence) all while gathering the evidence essential to taking legal action. Cerebral’s Risk Scoring At a glance, you’ll see all individuals with elevated levels of risk. This daily Risk Scoring maximizes efficiency and productivity by allowing your security team to hunt threats proactively. Cerebral’s AI-based behavior analysis continually tracks each user's activity and language to create their daily risk score. The Risk Score dashboard shows high scores for each day, trends, recent alerts, and user details. It provides an immediate overview of high risk, user behavior within your organization. Expanding the Scope of Your Cyber Security Strategy Insider Threat Game Plan Without an insider threat game plan, corporations are leaving a gaping hole in their security strategy. The average time it takes for a corporation to detect a data breach is over five months! If you have critical data to protect, having an incomplete insider threat strategy puts your corporation in significant jeopardy. Endpoint Visibility & Analysis With up to 60% of breaches coming from insider threats, it’s critical that corporations proactively monitor all endpoints for the rapid detection of internal breaches. Cerebral agents can be deployed on Windows, MAC, Android devices as well as Windows servers (prime targets for attackers posing as insiders, utilizing compromised credentials). Cerebral protects both physical and virtualized endpoints. Detection Alone Is Not Enough Data Breach Response (DBR) is critical to minimizing the impact of a breach. Once the alarm is sounded, how quickly can you react? Cerebral’s Time-Capsule DVR lets you see video playback of the incident as it unfolded. This visibility allows you to immediately delineate false alarms from real threats and take immediate action with 100% confidence.

User features

Roles of Interested Employees

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Information Officer

Chief IT Security Officer

Chief Sales Officer

IT Security and Risk Management

Operational Manager

Sales Management

Marketing Management

Chief Financial Officer

Organizational Features

IT Security Department in company

Сonfidential data

Internet access is available for employees

Personal data operation